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Bamboo 'Red Fountain'

…a well-behaved, clumping bamboo whose new shoots emerge green before blending to deep yellow and then changing to crimson red. This particular Fargesia is best positioned in a sunny spot for the brightest stem colour. Ideal grown at the back of borders or used for screening, this non-invasive,…  More Info

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Bamboo 'Asian Wonder'

Bamboo 'Asian Wonder' is a wonderful new type of ?umbrella bamboo?. This clump-forming Fargesia produces green canes that mature to crimson after 3 to 5 years establishment - don?t be afraid to remove some of the lower leaves to show them off! Easy to grow, and an ideal choice for an interesting…  More Info

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Umbrella Bamboo

Fargesia murieliae is great a screen, particularly in urban areas, where it's dense foliage make it perfect for filtering out noise and pollution. Reaching over 2 metres in height, this elegant shrub easily forms clumps of gently bending green-yellow canes, whose shape gives it the name Umbrella…  More Info

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Fargesia rufa

Fargesia rufa is an award-winning bamboo, with a classic weeping umbrella shape and young bright green stems that mature to yellow-green. The stem sheaths and side branches develop attractive shades of copper. Shiny, evergreen foliage is light to dark green, depending on whether it is grown in…  More Info

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