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Passiflora Collection

Passion flowers will add a lovely, exotic look and feel to your garden, quickly covering unsightly walls and fences with their twining stems, glossy foliage and glamorous blooms. This new collection of two large flowered varieties comprises Passiflora 'Duuk' - the most winter…  More Info

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Nandina domestica 'Blush Pink'

…Bamboo also bears dainty white flowers in July followed by small red berries. This superb semi-evergreen shrub makes an ideal specimen plant with plenty of year round interest. A lovely, low maintenance addition to borders, patio containers and exotic planting schemes…  More Info

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Calycanthus Duo

…widely grown. Glossy, deciduous foliage covers the gently arching branches, creating a lovely backdrop for the exotic, magnolia-like blooms. This duo brings together two particularly fine varieties, both with a lovely sweet fragrance. Commonly known as…  More Info

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Peony Itoh 'Border Charm'

…the exotic good looks of tree peonies with the herbaceous growth habit of herbaceous peonies ? giving the best of both worlds! These showy beauties will flower freely from late spring making a lovely addition to perennial borders and large containers. Bees and other…  More Info

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Daylily 'Atlas'

Gardeners love the Daylily. It's a real ?favourite'. The plants are tough and hardy. They produce exotic flowers in a kaleidoscope of colours. The flowers of the Daylily ?Atlas' are a bright lemon-yellow. Each one lasts just one day, but new ones arrive in succession. The…  More Info

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Oxalis 'Sunny'

…triangular leaflets, giving a lovely architectural form. In late spring and summer, masses of palest pink, funnel-shaped flowers emerge, which open fully in sunlight and close when overcast. Oxalis 'Sunny' is a 'stunning specimen for patio pots, rock gardens, exotic  More Info

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Phygelius 'Pheeges Festive Orange'

…hail from the exotic climes of South Africa, they are surprisingly hardy in the milder regions of Britain. They thrive in mixed herbaceous borders or on patios. Where the climate is generally mild, and winter protection is given, Phygelius ?Pheeges Festive Orange' makes a   More Info

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Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'

Exotic in appearance but hardy by nature, Sobaria sorbifolia 'Sem' is an eye-catching, compact and vibrant shrub. A stunning addition to any border or even a large patio pot. The False Spiraea sports attractive ferny yellow-green foliage and feathered white flowers in midsummer. In…  More Info

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Mimulus 'Leopard Print Mix'

…Print' gives a punch of colour in places that most need it! This shade loving annual is ideal for those gloomy spots that rarely see the sun. Enjoy exotic colours and orchid like blooms from June to August with this lovely blend of Monkey Flowers. These compact…  More Info

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Argyranthemum 'Aramis Fire'

…particularly loved for its colour-changing blooms! The daisy-shaped large flowers seem to change each day, blending from pale pink through to cerise-red. Flowering from May to October the Marguerite family of flowers are native to the Canary Islands and they certainly bring…  More Info

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Sedum telephium 'Purple Emperor'

…blooms provide a useful source of nectar for pollinating insects, and are much loved by butterflies. A superb hardy perennial, this variety holds an RHS AGM for its garden performance, and makes an excellent choice for hot, sunny borders and exotic planting schemes.…  More Info

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Peony Itoh Collection

…giving them a truly luxurious appearance. Itoh Peonies combine the exotic looks of tree peonies with the growth habit of herbaceous peonies ? meaning that you get the best of both worlds. Flowering from late spring, they're a lovely addition to borders and large…  More Info

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Peony Itoh 'Cora Louise'

…perennial is one of a group called Itoh Peonies; these combine the exotic looks of tree peonies with the growth habit of herbaceous peonies ? meaning that you get the best of both worlds. Peony 'Cora Louise' is a really lovely addition to cottage garden planting…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Wu Long Peng Sheng'

…first person outside China to describe and validly publish the Tree Peony. The Tree Peony flower is a much loved symbol in Chinese culture and today gardeners around the world enjoy their exotic beauty. They flower in spring and have humongous flowers, up to 25cm (10)…  More Info

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Mandevilla Collection

Exotic, glowing blooms adorn these tropical evergreen climbers. Flowering throughout the summer, they make a wonderful addition to the patio where they add height and jewel-like colour. Mandevillas love a hot sunny position - ideal for the patio, greenhouse or conservatory.…  More Info

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Phormium 'Black Velvet'

A tough, drought-resistant grass which loves an exposed location. The jet-black swords of 'Black Velvet' can be used to great contrasting effect with your favourite cottage garden plants and seasonal bedding. For a really contemporary look, grow this black New Zealand flax in…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Dalmation Mixed'

Foxgloves are a classic plant of the 'English Country Garden' and loved for their high towers of cone shaped flowers, that look spectacular in garden borders. Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed' are hardy perennials and grow well in full sun, or partial shade, flowering between May and July.…  More Info

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Grasses 'Gold, Black and Red Collection'

…comprises: * Acorus Ogon - An unusual variety with striking striped foliage. * Ophiopogon nigrescens (Black Mondo) - Jet black foliage forms a lovely backdrop for the dainty bell shaped blooms and dark inky-blue berries.* Uncinia rubra 'Everflame' (Red Hook Sedge) - A…  More Info

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Hot Summer Colour Perennial Collection

…scarlet blooms later in the summer, a real glowing embers look. Achillea x millefolium ?Summer Fruits Lemon? ? commonly known as Yarrow, this much loved cottage garden favourite bears flattened, pale yellow clusters of flowers atop whispydelicate foliage. A tough and hardy…  More Info

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Leucothoe 'Scarletta'

…life as rich burgundy, evolving into a lovely green. As autumn arrives they change again into a mature bronze. Leucothoe ?Scarletta' thrives in deep or partial shade. In full sun, it develops an almost metallic sheen. Leucothoe can look deceptively exotic, but they're…  More Info

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Jasminum humile 'Revolutum'

…clusters of large, fragrant yellow flowers are borne on graceful arching stems. Jasminum humile 'Revolutum', also known as Italian Jasmine, makes a lovely free-standing shrub in borders, or train the stems against a wall as a climber. This fabulous semi-evergreen shrub has a…  More Info

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