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Evergreen Fuchsia

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Brazilian Fuchsia

Bring an exotic feel to your patio this summer with this stunning evergreen shrub. Brazilian fuchsia produces a multitude of dangling, tubular blooms in two-tone shades of red and gold. This tropical beauty makes a superb feature for a patio container or conservatory. In very mild, frost free areas…  More Info

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Azalea cascadula 'Bright Fuchsia'

…Azalea ‘Bright Fuchsia’ into containers, baskets and window boxes where it will produce a neat dome of gently spreading hot pink double flowers in April and May. Azalea cascadula ‘Bright Fuchsia’ exhibits good leaf retention, remaining evergreen in mild winters. Height…  More Info

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Phygelius x rectus 'Funfare Orange'

…upright stems bear nodding trumpet-shaped blooms in a beautiful shade of pinkish orange with yellow throats. Hailing from South Africa, this Cape Fuchsia enjoys a sheltered position, but is generally hardy in mild parts of the UK and can be grown as a semi-evergreen shrub if given adequate winter…  More Info

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Delosperma 'Table Mountain'

…daisy-like flowers, 4-5cm across, shimmer in the sunlight and will continue blooming non-stop from early summer to autumn. The flowers blanket fine, evergreen, fleshy foliage that spreads in a dense, weed-supressing carpet and remains looking good throughout winter, often developing purple hues in…  More Info

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Fuchsia arborescens

A very different fuchsia to those we grow in our hanging baskets each year. Commonly known as the 'tree fuchsia', this tender species fuchsia will provide panicles of rose-purple flowers throughout summer. It makes a wonderful specimen for a patio container with its evergreen foliage, and prefers a…  More Info

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