Evergreen Alpines

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Sempervivum 'Mixed'

These architectural evergreen succulents, also known as houseleeks, form neat rosettes of pointed leaves in a variety of colours. Over time the rosettes multiply to form a dense carpet, and produce tall flower stems in summer, topped with clusters of pink, pale yellow or white star…  More Info

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Helianthemum 'Peachy Keen'

…stems and silvery, evergreen foliage provides good ground cover, particularly in coastal areas or sunny banks. From late spring to summer, Helianthemum 'Peachy Keen' bears fully double, papery, pink flowers which bring a lovely splash of colour to rockeries and alpine  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Geisha Orange' (Azalea Group)

…beautiful dwarf Azalea, with vibrant, tangerine orange blooms. It is ideal for the borders of small gardens, and is also a great addition to an alpine garden rockery. It flowers in May and sometimes in June, helping to provide colour in between spring bulbs, and summer…  More Info

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Lewisia 'Elise Mixed'

…perennial that is usually reserved for alpine houses, but modern breeding ensures that Lewisia ?Elise Mixed? flowers in its first year - making it perfect for bedding! The starry blooms in bright, tropical colours are produced above neat rosettes of evergreen foliage.…  More Info

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Ground Cover Collection

…they will help suppress weeds, making your borders even easier to manage. This collection includes: * Alpine Rock Cress or Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica 'Rosea' which is a vigorous, evergreen perennial that will thrive in the poorest of soils. In late spring it will…  More Info

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Auricula 'Mixed'

This delightful collection of superb bi-coloured auriculas will create a show stopping display in spring. These hardy evergreen perennials are ideal for alpine gardens, cottage gardens and greenhouse displays. Height and spread: 15cm (6). Supplied in 9cm pots.  More Info

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Arabis caucasica 'Pixie Cream'

A dainty little evergreen perennial, Arabis caucasica 'Pixie Cream' forms mounding cushions of grey-green foliage, completely smothered in small cream flowers in spring. Also known as Rock Cress, this sweetly scented alpine plant is perfect for rock gardens, wall crevices,…  More Info

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Gypsophila cerastioides

…spring through to mid-summer Gypsophila cerastioides produces pretty white flowers with tiny pink veins. With a mounding, spreading habit, this alpine plant is perfect for rock gardens, gravel gardens, patio containers, or spilling out of wall crevices. Height: 5cm (2).…  More Info

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Saxifraga 'Peter Pan'

…of wonderful dark pink flowers above cushions of dense evergreen leaves. Flowering in spring, Saxifrage plants are superb paired with spring bulbs or planted around spring-flowering shrubs for an explosion of early colour. Unusually for an alpine plant, Saxifrage…  More Info

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Dianthus 'Cranmere Pool'

…in any part of your garden. This hardy little Pink will form an evergreen mound of foliage that will produce pale pink, almost white, double blooms, each with a deep cranberry coloured centre. Perfect for growing in borders, alpine gardens and containers too, this…  More Info

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