Everbearing Strawberries

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Strawberry Flamenco

If space is limited, try growing this ever-bearing variety to maximise your crop of delicious sweet and juicy fruits over a long picking period. Strawberry 'Flamenco' is a versatile variety that is suitable for growing in strawberry beds or containers. From only 12…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Toscana'

…fruit which are the talking point of this amazing strawberry! With bold pink flowers in abundance these everbearing strawberries bring bright splashes of pink and red to your garden. Perfect for terraces and patio pots, this award winning strawberry is…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Anais' (Everbearer/ All Season)

One of the sweetest strawberries you will taste, the orangey toned fruits are one of the best to grow your own of. Not many supermarkets take on this variety due to its think skins so if you want to try this juicy fruit then best to grow it yourself! Each year it can yield up to 1…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Florian' F1 Hybrid (Everbearer/ All season)

…blossom pink flowers of Strawberry 'Florian' are followed by a heavy crop of good sized, juicy, red fruits from July to September. This delicious everbearing variety can be grown outdoors or under glass, but as it fruits from its runners as well as the main plant,   More Info

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Strawberry 'Frisan'

Wish the strawberry season wasn’t over so quickly? Strawberry ‘Frisan’ will keep you supplied with fresh homegrown strawberries from late spring all the way through to early autumn! This everbearing strawberry is set apart by its very…  More Info

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Fruit Strawberry Duo

…all summer long! Fruit Strawberry Duo comprises 9cm potted plants of the following varieties:* Strawberry ?Gasana? ? an everbearing ornamental variety boasting large, showy rose-pink blooms from April right through to August. Height: 20cm (8). Spread: 30cm (12)…  More Info

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