Ever Red

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Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Ever Red'

This handsome shrub is always marvelled at, for it's unique, tasselled blooms, dipped in crimson-red. They'll enjoy a sheltered corner of the garden, and reward you with their showy firecracker-like blooms and colourful foliage. Not as well known as it should be, this fantastic shrub has…  More Info

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Rose Standard Red (40cm stem)

The Rose Standard Red has delighted gardeners for the past twenty years. More than ever before, this gorgeous rose variety boasts a stunning, dense display of flowers, without losing any of its renowned reliability. The Red Standard Rose makes a striking feature in any…  More Info

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Dianthus barbatus 'Rockin' Red'

Dianthus barbatus 'Rockin' Red' is a reliable, hardy perennial with flower that are pillar box red. It is one of the most vibrant reds ever created on a Sweet William. This new interspecific hybrid has a sweet, spicy fragrance, that fills the air, making it a…  More Info

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Hydrangea macrophylla 'Glam Rock' Pot Collection

'Customer Review Rating * Multi-coloured flower heads* Ideal specimen plantEverything you need to enjoy the most glamorous hydrangea ever on your patio. This outstanding hardy shrub produces the most exhilarating coloured blooms imaginable. From summer to early autumn Hydrangea…  More Info

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Spiraea japonica 'Firelight'

…deciduous shrub that provides an ever changing display throughout from spring to autumn. The spring foliage emerges a reddish bronze hue, colouring to green in summer with clusters or deep pink flowers which are loved by bees. By autumn the foliage has transformed to red<…  More Info

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Half Standard Rose Collection (45cm stem)

Our Half Standard Roses have been hugely popular for nearly twenty years and are more dependable than ever before; boasting the most striking floral display. Each rose will look fantastic set in borders or pot them up in patio containers for a truly stylish display. Feel free to…  More Info

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Rose Standard Collection (40cm stem)

Our Rose Standards have been hugely popular for nearly twenty years. They are more dependable than ever before and boast the most striking floral display. They?ll look great in your favourite border. The Rose Standard Collection will also look magnificent in your most stylish patio…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…borders adding structure and a riot of colour. B, Crocosmia - Form dense clumps of upright sword-shaped foliage, from which sprays of bright orange or red flowers, carried in branched spikes, appear in late summer. C. Physalis Chinese Lantern - A highly unusual and exotic…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Sweet Sensation'

…too delicate for supermarkets to use so the only way to get them is to grow your own. This ever-bearing variety produces up to 1.2kg of glossy, red fruits per plant and with flushes of crops from June to October is a great way to extend the strawberry season. Strawberry …  More Info

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Witch Hazel 'Arnold Promise'

…scented, lemon yellow flowers smother the bare winter stems of this elegant vase shaped shrub. Also grown for its vibrant autumn foliage in shades of red and orange, Witch Hazel 'Arnold Promise' is a most deserving winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Perfect as a…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Tomatoes

…for its trusses of particularly flavoursome, bite-sized cherry tomatoes.* Tomato 'Tiger Red' - Cordon variety. Ideal for greehouse or a sunny spot outdoors. Boasts a superbly balanced taste with delicious rich red flesh. Fruits are round with firm skins that are…  More Info

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