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Chempak® Ericaceous Fertiliser

Chempak Ericaceous Fertiliser is a multifunctional product providing essential trace elements unavailable in high pH soils and an acidifier to lower soil pH, thereby releasing further natural trace elements. The unique lime-neutralising formula combats hard, limey water producing…  More Info

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Azalea 'Geisha Orange'

…reddish orange flowers throughout late spring. It thrives on acid soil - if your borders aren?t acidic you can still enjoy it by planting in ericaceous compost in a large pot and always watering with rain water, best collected in a water butt. Height and spread: 80cm (2'7).…  More Info

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Leucothoe 'Scarletta'

…shady borders. These lovely shrubs combine beautifully with other evergreens, particularly golden leaved varieties, such as Euonymus. Where the soil is not naturally acidic, you can grow Leucothoe easily in patio containers using an ericaceous compost mix. Height: 1.5m (4'.9…  More Info

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Camellia 'Tricolour'

…the flowers can be cut for a vase indoors. Perfect for acidic borders, Camellias can also be grown as specimen plants in large containers of ericaceous compost. Height: 2m (6.5'). Spread: 1.5m (5'). Supplied in a 15cm pot. Useful links: How to plant trees and shrubs Culinary…  More Info

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Chempak® Yearlong Fertiliser

…all you need! This fertiliser will gradually release nutrients over the year, providing a controlled flow of plant food around the plant roots. Ideal for trees, shrubs and ericaceous plants and especially good for the long term feeding of container grown plants. Useful links…  More Info

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Arbutus unedo

…of its attractive strawberry-like edible fruits, is an asset to any garden, being evergreen and providing year-round interest. Unusually for an ericaceous plant, it is lime-tolerant and can be grown in a variety of soil conditions. The off-white pitcher-shaped flowers and…  More Info

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Leucothoe axillaris 'Curly Red'

…hardy and are ideal for acid-soiled shady borders. They look particularly good when mixed with other evergreen shrubs, such as those the amber-leaved Euonymus. With less acidic soils, you can grow Leucothoe in containers using an ericaceous compost mix. Height: 1.5m (4'.9).…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Summer Blues Collection'

…round. These hardy shrubs will prefer an acid or neutral soil. In areas with alkaline soils they are best grown in patio containers using an ericaceous compost mix. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 100cm (39).Rhododendron 'Summer Blues Collection' comprises:* Rhododendron 'Azurika…  More Info

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Pieris japonica 'Passion'

An easy to maintain, compact garden shrub, Pieris japonica 'Passion' is at its best in spring, when whorled, vivid red foliage appear as well as a profusion of small pink-red flowers. This 'Lily of the Valley Shrub' requires minimum pruning, but it can be pruned to a required size and this…  More Info

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