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Echium russicum

…Balkans comes this unusual red-flowered Echium. Echium russicum bears basal clumps of slender, grey-green leaves which give rise to stiff, twelve-inch, flower spikes, densely packed with small crimson flowers with conspicuous red anthers. Like other Echiums, these soon hum loudly with foraging bees.…  More Info

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Echium Amoenum Red Feathers

With increasingly dry summers and the need to conserve water, choosing drought-tolerant plants has never been more important. Echium ‘Red Feathers’ is an exciting introduction to the dry-garden repertoire, offering architectural structure and an unusual colour palette. Basal rosettes of…  More Info

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Flower Garden 'Easy Annuals Mixed'

…species found in our countryside during the Middle Ages such as borage, cornflowers and flax. This mixture has a blue tone base of cornflowers and echium, with added red-orange contrast provided by flax and marigolds, and lastly a touch of antique pink provided by mallow. Height 50-60cm (20-24in).  More Info

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Summer Flowers Theme Pink Scatter Pack

…mixture of pink flowering annuals that will add colour and variety to borders. The wide range of varieties includes favourites such as cosmos, echium, nigella and zinnia, which have been selected to flower gradually over the summer months to give your flower displays and ever changing appearance.…  More Info

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