Early Seed Potatoes

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Potato 'Charlotte'

Distinctive pear shaped tubers with firm creamy flesh and waxy, yellow skin. This popular second early variety makes an excellent salad potato; delicious eaten hot or cold. Tuber size 35/45mm. Useful links: How to plant and grow potatoes  More Info

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Potato 'Maris Piper'

Early maincrop. A favourite potato for making deliciuous chips. Maris Piper is a purple flowering main crop potato that has dry, floury tubers with creamy-white flesh. The potatos are Golden eelworm resistant.'Height and spread: 60cm (24).  More Info

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Potato 'Vivaldi'

Second early. 'Vivaldi' is a versatile potato that can be boiled, baked or mashed. It can be harvested early in the growing season if baby potatoes are preferred. Alternatively, it can be grown as a second early/early maincrop potato, so larger tubers are…  More Info

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Sweet Potato 'Tahiti' (Treasure Island Series)

…The attractive foliage makes this a fine patio plant, with leaves which can also be harvested as tasty salad leaves. By early autumn, the dark purple tubers of Sweet Potato 'Tahiti' can also be lifted and eaten as a delicious alternative to traditional potatoes.  More Info

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Sweet Potato 'Tatakoto' (Treasure Island Series)

Sweet Potato 'Tatakoto' comes from the innovative Treasure Island Series, bred for both flavoursome crops and ornamental qualities. This compact variety produces plenty of ivy-shaped, dark green leaves with prominent purple veins, which can be harvested as a tasty salad crop. The…  More Info

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Tomato 'Stupice'

Cordon. Tomato 'Stupice' is a cold tolerant, 'potato leaved' variety from the Czech Republic that is suitable for growing outdoors or under glass. This early ripening variety produces clusters of medium, golf ball sized, red fruits with a lovely flavour. This heavy cropping…  More Info

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