Dwarf Raspberry Plants

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Raspberry 'Summer Lovers Late'

Enjoy freshly picked raspberries from your patio or balcony with Raspberry 'Summer Lovers Late'. Years of breeding have created this productive dwarf variety which is perfectly suited to patio pots. The dark red fruits have a delicious fresh flavour that makes them…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'

Pick lots of sweet and very juicy fruits from these dwarf raspberry canes, that reach just 1m (3?) high, making them ideal for smaller gardens, allotments or a planter on the patio! Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? plants have a vigorous, robust growth and the stems bear…  More Info

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Pear 'Williams' Bon Chretien'

…poaching and preserving, as well as eating fresh from mid to late September.* Pear and Quince rootstocks:* Quince C/ Quince Eline/ Quince Adams - Dwarf reaching a mature height of up to 2.5-3m (8-10')* Quince A - Semi vigorous reaching a mature height of up to 3m (10') to 4m…  More Info

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