Dwarf Daffodil Collection

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Daffodil 'Dwarf Collection'

…this charming collection is a complete delight. Mingle them with other bulbs, or group them together for maximum effect. Like all daffodils they make superb cut flowers too. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 15cm (6). Collection comprises: Narcissus ?Golden Dawn? - A…  More Info

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Daffodil 'Miniature Mixed'

Daffodil Miniature Mix brings together some of our favourite dwarf Narcissus to create a collection that will give you years of pleasure. The cheery blooms of these adorable little Daffodils are hard to resist. They make fabulous cut flowers so you can enjoy…  More Info

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Daffodil Jonquilla Collection

A cheery and fragrant collection of dainty Jonquil Daffodils! Each stem boasts a cluster of perfumed blooms. Daffodil Jonquilla Collection combines a charming mix of different flower forms and colours - mix them together in generous groups to produce a truly…  More Info

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Daffodil 'Sunshine Mix'

This magnificent collection of cheery daffodils will create a sumptuous springtime display! Our special selection includes a mixture of golden yellow, apricot, cream, and bi-coloured blooms, each with a classic prominent trumpet. With their large, single flowers, Daffodil<…  More Info

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Spring Companions Bulb Collection

daffodil flowers with dainty orange cups which perfectly compliment the classic red blooms of Tulip 'Escape'. Grow this Spring Companions Bulb Collection in beds, borders or patio containers for a deliciously scented and colourful mid-spring show. Supplied as bulbs.* …  More Info

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Narcissus Cornish Miniatures Collection

This pretty collection of Cornish Daffodils will brighten up the garden with their cheery spring blooms. Selected for their compact habit and reliable garden performance, they make the perfect choice for sprinkling through borders, or planting en masse to break up wide…  More Info

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Spring Spectacular Colour Collection

…value collection of 200 spring bulbs that will bring wonderful colour to your garden to chase the winter greys away. Enjoy an array of brightly coloured flowers that can either be planted amongst your perennials or in borders and containers for a striking stand alone display…  More Info

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Spring Flowering Bulb Bonanza Collection

…a fantastic display in their own right..* Collection comprises: * 30 x Allium sphaerocephalon - Distinctive reddish purple flowers in July. * 30 x Allium moly - Golden heads of flowers in June and July. * 20 x Narcissus 'Tete Á Tete' - Petite daffodils with…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Cornish Continuity Collection'

Cornish-bred daffodils are highly sought after for their superior colour, vigour and all-round garden performance. This collection brings together 3 superb varieties that will welcome the spring with a cheery display. Perfect for planting about garden borders or filling patio…  More Info

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