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Drosera paradoxa (House Plant)

A unique Tropical Sundew which originates from Australia. Drosera paradoxa is a carnivorous plant that catches insects using its bright sticky pads and then digests them slowly. It needs a warm climate of around 18C (65F) or above, throughout the whole year. This Sundew isn't the…  More Info

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Drosera aliciae

Drosera aliciae is an unusual carnivorous houseplant forming adorable rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves. The leaves are covered in striking bright red hairs, each bearing a droplet of sticky liquid at the tip, which gives the plant a sparkly appearance and traps insects such as midges…  More Info

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Drosera capensis

This lovely Cape Sundew will add interest to your windowsill. Drosera capensis is a carnivorous marsh loving perennial which prefers to be stool in a saucer of preferably rain water. It has long sticky leaves which look like dew drops, these attract insects especially the small ones…  More Info

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