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Busy Lizzie 'Divine' (New Guinea)

Since 2011 Busy Lizzie stocks have been virtually eradicated by the fungal disease Downy Mildew. Fortunately New Guinea varieties like Busy Lizzie ?Divine? are unaffected so you can be sure of a fabulous display. Its large flowers in a mix of red, orange, lavender, white and magenta…  More Info

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Tomato 'Divinity' F1 hybrid

Semi-Bush.Tomato ?Divinity? boasts a bushy habit and evergreen genes that keep its foliage looking fresh and green for longer. With built in resistance to late blight, this superb new variety can produce excellent yields of large, cherry tomatoes ? up to 4kg per plant, in fact! This…  More Info

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Polemonium boreale 'Heavenly Habit'

Attractive clusters of violet-blue flowers, each with a distinct golden yellow eye, look divine against the bushy, deep green foliage. Their dwarf habit makes them ideal in the front of borders, or even containers. If deadheads are removed regularly, plants will continue to flower…  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Nimbus'

…this unique sweet pea; just as handsome in looks as fragrance! The marbled flowers of Sweet Pea 'Nimbus' are of exhibition quality, and emit a divine scent, like any good sweet pea! Perfect for cutting to enjoy in the home. Train this easy grow sweet pea up trellis or set in…  More Info

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Petunia 'Damson Ripple'

…show-stopping, brand new Petunia! Petunia 'Damson Ripple' produces voluptuous, fully double blooms which are marbled purple and white, and emit a divine sweet perfume. From British breeding, these sturdy blooms are weather resistant and borne on strong growth for a…  More Info

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Garden Ready Bedding Collection

…Marigold 'Zenith Mixed' - Crested, carnation-like flowers in a mixture of colours including reds, oranges, yellows and bicolour shades.* Busy Lizzie 'Divine Mixed' - Flowers endlessly, in a wonderful bright colour mix, from June to November. * Nicotiana 'Eau de Cologne Mixed…  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Floral Tribute'

Frilly sweet pea flowers that both look and smell divine! Introducing our own mixture, Sweet Pea 'Floral Tribute', that provides outstanding fragrance and exhibition-standard blooms in a glorious array of colours. These cottage garden favourites are superb for cutting and the more…  More Info

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