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Apple 'Discovery'

Apple 'Discovery' is a well known dessert variety with a fine, sweet flavour that brings to mind a hint of strawberries. Although often found in supermarkets, it has a short storage potential of just a couple of weeks, so it is best eaten when picked fresh from the tree. Any surplus…  More Info

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Rocket 'Discovery'

Popular, easy to grow salad leaf, widely used in salads and sandwiches for its unique aromatic taste. Rocket Discovery can also be included in pizza and pasta dishes, or steamed as a spinach substitute. Sow in succession and pick leaves as required. Culinary note: Rocket flowers are…  More Info

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Marigold 'Discovery Yellow' F1 Hybrid

Spectacular 6-7cm (2'-3in) bright yellow, double blooms on dwarf sturdy plants makes it a considerable improvement on its nearest rival. It is quite as dwarf as many French marigolds and very neat and tidy whilst retaining its huge and fully double blooms, extraordinary reliability and…  More Info

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