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Diervilla sessilifolia 'Cool Splash First Edition'

…and is a native of North America. It has a reputation of being tough and resilient so is perfect for the novice or 'time-poor' gardener. Diervilla sessilifolia 'Cool Splash First Edition' is an attractive shrub with variegated foliage which makes a nice contrast with greener leaved border…  More Info

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Diervilla 'Kodiak Red'

A very tough and reliable shrub that is valued for its bright spring and autumn foliage colour and is especially useful in partially shaded borders and difficult soils. It requires virtually no maintenance and is drought tolerant once established, adapting to almost any situation. Forms a bushy,…  More Info

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Diervilla splendens 'Diva'

This award-winning Diervilla sports handsome burgundy foliage throughout the season with clusters of contrasting sulphur-yellow, tubular flowers in summer. In autumn, the foliage colour intensifies to bright red and orange before falling. Diervilla splendens ‘Diva’ is a tough and…  More Info

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Diervilla rivularis 'Honeybee'

Diervillas are becoming increasingly well-known in the U.K for their versatility, drought tolerance and a tough constitution that belies their elegant looks. This has motivated plant breeders to develop more garden-worthy varieties, and Diervilla ‘Honeybee’ is one of the best, with…  More Info

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