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Daffodil 'White Diamonds' Mixture

A fabulous mix of white Narcissus that will gleam like precious jewels each spring. Daffodil 'White Diamonds Mix' brings together large, dwarf, single and double varieties for a full and varied dispay. Plant them en masse in large groups for maximum impact. Superb in borders,…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Blue Diamond'

Rhododendron 'Blue Diamond' is a dwarf variety that produces masses of bell-shaped violet blue flowers that will smother these plants in mid-spring. As the blooms age these will mature to Lavender Blue. This bushy little shrub is covered in dark evergreen leaves bringing colour to…  More Info

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Tulip 'Blue Diamond'

This wonderful Peony Tulip has huge violet-purple blooms which open early and last longer than many other varieties. Plant tulips in groups and delight as they open to reveal their superb colouring. Why not cut some for a flower arrangement so that you can enjoy them indoors too! Height:…  More Info

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Hydrangea macrophylla 'Black Diamonds Shining Angel Blue'

This truly unique hydrangea comes from a development in recent breeding which boasts stunning colour and flower shapes. Bursts of unusual purple-pink-blue flowers are produced on dark, almost black stems - and the colours look different every time you look at it! This hydrangea plant will…  More Info

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Physocarpus opulifolius 'Amber Jubilee'

This striking Ninebark has royal connections, as it was named in honour of the Queen Elizabeth?s Diamond Jubilee. Distinctive, highly decorative leaves emerge in spring in salmon-orange shades, creating a stunning display early in the year, before turning to green as they mature.…  More Info

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Roman Numeral Garden Wall Clock

Watch time pass with this elegant garden wall clock. It features an attractive diamond-patterned edge and a Roman numeral face with contrasting black time hands. Simply mount to your preferred wall or fence using the sturdy built in mount (screws not supplied), and watch time pass while…  More Info

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