Delphinium Red

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Delphinium 'Red Lark'

Delphinium ‘Red Lark’ is a strikingly unusual flower colour bearing bright, salmon-red, semi-double flowers above mounds of finely cut foliage. This free-flowering variety has stronger stems and a compact growth habit which makes it an easier Delphinium to…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

…plants of each of the following varieties: Achillea 'Cerise Queen', Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy', Delphinium 'Dark Blue & White Bee', Dianthus 'Rockin Red', Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Lobelia 'Queen Victoria', Geum …  More Info

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Clematis All Season Collection

…reflexed petals and a lovely sweet fragrance. It is perfect for bulking up borders among tall perennials such as Lupins, Foxgloves, and Delphiniums. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 50cm (20). Pruning group: 3. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size…  More Info

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Delphinium nudicaule 'Laurin'

Delphinium nudicaule 'Laurin' is a dwarf variety which will liven up any patio container or mixed border scheme. Profuse red flowers sit in groups on slender stalks above a neat clump of green foliage. Perfect for growing in sunny borders or even better in a gravel…  More Info

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Perennial Collection

…of lilac, creamy white, red and yellow carried delicately on tall wiry stems, they are commonly known as ‘Granny’s Bonnet’ due to their shape. Perfect for cottage garden borders and woodland planting schemes. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 40cm (16).*   More Info

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Perfect Perennial Collection

…Spread: 40cm (16). * Delphinium ?Dark Blue & White Bee? - Intense dark blue flowers, each with an unusual white bee shape at the centre! Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 30cm (12). * Dianthus barbatus ?Rockin Red? - This new interspecific hybrid brings the strongest shade…  More Info

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Perennial Pollinator Collection

…upright stems from June right through to September. This eye-catching variety makes a great cut flower. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 45cm (18)* Delphinium ‘Pacific Mix’ – No cottage garden border is complete without the towering blooms of this hardy perennial…  More Info

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