Delphinium Plants

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Delphinium 'Pacific Hybrids'

…of beautiful colours. These stately perennials make a dramatic focal point for adding height and structure to the back of summer borders. Delphinium 'Pacific Hybrids' is a ?must-have? plant for cottage garden planting schemes with good resistance to mildew.…  More Info

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Delphinium 'Pink Blushes'

…colours, Delphinium ?Pink Blushes? is the result of many years of clever breeding to bring you the best for your garden! Tall spires of beautiful blooms in shades from pink through to magenta will grace your garden this summer and every summer with these strong perennial   More Info

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Delphinium hybridum 'Magic Fountains Mixed'

…(36). Spread: 45cm (18). Garden Ready Plants - If you?ve fallen behind with your planting or if greenhouse space is limited, we can help you catch up with our garden-ready plug plants. These sturdy plants are larger than other plugs so they can be   More Info

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Delphinium elatum 'Paramo Azul'

…with this spectacular Delphinium. Selected for its free flowering habit, Delphinium elatum Paramo Azul makes an excellent cut flower. Intensely blue flowers crowd the upright stems of this sturdy perennial in midsummer creating an enviable focal point in the garden. …  More Info

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Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Mixed'

Delphinium ?Magic Fountains Mixed? is a stately but compact plant so, unlike taller varieties, it grows without the need for support. Always a favourite in the cottage garden, delphiniums give a second flush of flowers if they are deadheaded after flowering. Height:…  More Info

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Larkspur 'The Seven Dwarfs'

…packed with attractive stock-like dwarf blooms in seven colours of pink, mauve, rose, purple, grey, white and shades of blue. Ideal for adding a little character to your borders and containers. The Seven Dwarfs will work happily in the garden planted in drifts alongside…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

…its best for the entire growing season. Plant them in bold groups for maximum impact! Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the following varieties: Achillea 'Cerise Queen', Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy', Delphinium  More Info

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Delphinium 'Summer Skies' (Pacific Hybrid)

…type of Delphinium, produces tall spires of lovely sky blue flowers, that are perfect for adding height and colour to garden borders. Traditionally a cottage garden plant, they are also a popular choice for a range of garden styles. As well as being planted in…  More Info

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Delphinium 'Summer Blues'

Delphinium ?Summer Blues? is a charming dwarf variety forming a pleasing, well branched plant. The sky blue flowers appear above a bushy clump of finely cut foliage that gives a delicate lacy appearance. This pretty little perennial is perfect for the front of borders,…  More Info

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Delphinium 'Pacific Giants Mixed'

…structure to borders, and are perfect for planting behind lower flowering perennials, such as Lavender. Delphiniums, sometimes known as Larkspurs, are a traditional cottage garden plant that flowers in June and July and like sunny positions. This type of   More Info

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Perennial Summer Garden Collection

…be bursting with colour year after year when you choose this superb perennial collection. You will receive a mixture of our 9cm potted plants which could include favourites such as: primula, delphinium, lupin, carex, sedum, plus many others, all of which are…  More Info

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Summer Border Perennial Collection

…range - these perennial plants are exceptional value for money and will get bigger and better each year, filling your garden with colour as well as attracting bees and butterflies. The collection includes favourites such as: achillea, ajuga, buddleja, delosperma,   More Info

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Perennial Collection

…popular perennial plants are exceptional value for money and will get bigger and better each year, filling your garden with colour as well as attracting bees and butterflies. Your collection will include six different varieties from our extensive range, which includes   More Info

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Delphinium 'Black Knight'

…striking black eye. For maximum impact, plant Delphiniums in bold clumps at the back of a sunny border; they are perfect for adding height and colour. These outstanding perennials will certainly attract lots of attention when planted in your garden.   More Info

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Delphinium 'Cameliard' (Pacific Hybrid)

…a garden, Delphinium 'Cameliard' is a superb option for planting at the back of herbaceous borders. The plant has tall spires of frilly, semi double violet-blue flowers above a clump of deep cut foliage. They flower in June and July and are a rich source of…  More Info

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Delphinium 'Blue Bird' (Pacific Hybrid)

…hybrid delphinium. Gorgeous electric blue flowers, with white centres, grow on tall spires in June and July, that give height to garden borders. Delphiniums are a traditional cottage garden plant, but this variety also looks great in modern contemporary gardens…  More Info

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Delphinium x cultorum 'Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolour' F1 Hybrid

UK Exclusive. One of the very best delphiniums from seed, equal in quality to expensive cutting-raised plants. The tall, sturdy stems of Delphinium Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolour are covered in truly stunning bi-coloured blooms with triple-layered petals in lilac and…  More Info

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Larkspur 'T&M Improved'

The finest of strains of this lovely flower with a wider colour range than other varieties and a more base branching habit. Beautiful plants for the border providing a good display of colour throughout the summer. Rich feathery green foliage and flowers which are excellent for…  More Info

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