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Dazzling Dahlias

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Dahlia 'Bee Friendly'

These dazzling dahlias have been carefully chosen to provide a feast of nectar for pollinators as well as a feast of colour for your eyes! Dahlia ‘Bee Friendly’ Collection includes a dazzling array of shades, all with nectar-rich, single flowers. Providing an insect banquet right through…  More Info

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Dahlia Gardenetta 'Starburst Pink'

This stellar Dahlia dazzles with its bright, rosy-pink blooms brandishing an eye-catching ruffle in the centre. ‘Gardenetta Starburst Pink’ boasts a unique combination of colour and form, flowering non-stop until the first frosts. The flowers are held proudly above the foliage on freely…  More Info

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Dahlia variabilis 'Fireworks Mixed'

…have successfully bred the first ever striped mixture of Dahlias from seed! Spectacular dwarf free-flowering bushy plants with uniquely striped blooms which erupt into a wide range of bright and vibrant colours. Sure to create a dazzling display in borders or containers. Occasionally a solid…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Dinnerplate Collection'

…(48). Spread: 60cm (24). * Dahlia ?Wanda's Capella? ? Large buttery yellow blooms that measure up to 30cm (12) diameter. Height: 120cm (48). Spread: 60cm (24). * Dahlia 'England's Glory' ? A semi-cactus variety with bright purple petals each tipped in dazzling white. Height: 100cm (39). Spread:…  More Info

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Dahlia Dinner Plate 'Englands Glory'

…flowers up to 25cm wide. Incurved, bright purple petals each tipped in dazzling white. Each spectacular bloom is held aloft on strong, long stems and makes a stunning and long-lasting addition to cut flower arrangements. Dahlia ‘England’s Glory’ injects fading borders with late…  More Info

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Clematis 'Dancing Smile'

…resembling a Dahlia! These breathtaking blooms are produced from May through June, followed by another flush of flowers in late summer for a long season of interest. Compact and floriferous, grow Clematis 'Dancing Smile' against walls, fences and obelisks, or in containers for a dazzling summer…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Dinner Plate' Collection

…or simply impressing your neighbours! Dahlia 'Dinner Plate' Collection comprises 1 tuber each of: * Dahlia 'AC Dark Horse' ? A semi-cactus variety with curled bright pink petals each tipped in dazzling white. Height: 100cm (39). Spread: 50cm (20).* Dahlia 'Akita? ? Burnt orange petals with red…  More Info

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Bulb Bumper Pack

…Begonia ‘Camelia’ which will keep you entertained until the first frosts; lift late season displays in beds and pots with the dazzling Dahlia ‘Patio Choice’ which is sturdy enough to grow without staking. Our Bulb Bumper Pack includes the following varieties: Freesia Single…  More Info

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