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Angels Trumpets 'Double Fragrant White'

Evergreen Angels Trumpets 'Double Fragrant White' is just perfect for your patio or garden in the summer. In winter it can be moved to a greenhouse, conservatory or even a cool porch. It has enormous, sweetly scented, down-turned trumpet shaped flowers and blooms between late May and…  More Info

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Black Metal Pot Mover

…simply stand any heavy pots that you need to relocate onto one of these wheeled pot movers. Ideal if you grow large tender plants such as lemons or datura that take pride of place in the summer on the patio, but need to be moved back to a conservatory or greenhouse during…  More Info

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Angels Trumpet Tricolour

A spectacular arrangement of three of the best and most attractive Brugmansia varieties (white arborea, pink suavolens and yellow aurea) all grown together in one pot to give a breathtaking display of the most amazing Angels Trumpets you will ever see. A combination of white, pink and…  More Info

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