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Darwin Tulips

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Tulip 'Darwin Mixed'

Darwin Tulips are renowned for their huge, brilliantly coloured flowers. The blooms appear as perfect pyramids up to 15cm (6) opening to reveal their exquisite beauty in late spring. Because of their superb shape and sturdy stems they are one of the best varieties for cut flowers. Plant in groups…  More Info

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Tulip 'Pink Impression'

Tulip ‘Pink Impression’ is a tall and sturdy-stemmed tulip with large, shimmering rose-pink flowers that graduate to softer pink edges, often with a slight tint of bronze. This RHS award-winning tulip is a long-lived and vigorous Darwin hybrid, that will return for several years and is…  More Info

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Tulip 'Bella Blush'

…elegant, Tulip ?Bella Blush? is undeniably beautiful. The large blooms of this Darwin-hybrid make superb cut flowers, and create an unforgettable display in spring beds and borders. With its pale colouring, this variety makes a stunning planting partner for dramatic purple or black tulips. A lovely…  More Info

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Tulip 'Angels Share'

…mid-season, triumph tulip, Tulip ‘Angels Share’ flowers in April, just before the Darwin hybrids. Triumph tulips are one of the most popular of tulip varieties, prized for their strong stems, robust, weather-resistant blooms and impressive colour range. Plant Tulip 'Angels Share' in…  More Info

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Tulip 'Pride of Europe'

Tulip 'Pride of Europe' is a classic single tulip with brilliant crimson petals and broad margins in a contrasting yellow-gold. A mid-season, Triumph tulip, Tulip ‘Pride of Europe’ flowers in April, just before the Darwin hybrids. Triumph tulips are one of the most popular of tulip  More Info

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Tulip 'Golden Apeldoorn'

Tulip with big, bright, goblet-shaped blooms that light up the spring garden with a sunny glow! This Darwin hybrid has all the reliability and strong growth habit that we?ve come to expect from these cultivars, showing sturdy stems and good weather resistance that guarantees a lasting display! Tulip  More Info

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Tulip 'Pretty in Pink Collection'

…collection of pink tulips. This varied selection includes large-flowered Darwin hybrids, a sumptuous multi-flowering peony type, and a dainty, single-fringed variety – offering a palette of pinks in an array of shapes and forms that showcase the very best that tulips offer. Tulip ‘Pretty…  More Info

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Spring 'Apricot Shades Mix'

…March-April. Height: 40cm (16in). Spread: 15cm (6in).* Tulip ‘Orange Queen’ - a vigorous Darwin hybrid with large blooms on tall, strong stems. The giant flowers come in a brilliant orange-red with a glowing yellow base. These superb Darwin hybrids are exceptionally weather-resistant,…  More Info

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