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Geranium 'Tall Dark & Handsome Hot Pink'

The long stems of Geranium 'Tall Dark & Handsome Hot Pink' are cloaked in dark leaves, each with a bright-green margin. Throughout summer, the stems are decorated with masse of vibrant pink flowers that create a head-turning contrast. When trained onto a supporting…  More Info

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Verbascum 'Dark Eyes'

…Its showy flower spikes are crowded with primrose yellow blooms, each with a contrasting maroon eye. Verbascum 'Dark Eyes' is a compact, dwarf variety, rising to just 30cm (12) tall. Its coarse green foliage forms a dense clump, creating excellent groundcover when…  More Info

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Fritillaria persica

Dark purple-black bells hang ominously from tall flower spikes. The shadowy form of this striking fritillary appears in late spring for an imposing display in borders and alpine gardens. An unusual and statuesque bulb that tolerates hot conditions and dry soils. Height: 100cm…  More Info

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Poppy 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise'

…the blooms of Oriental Poppies are short lived ?Prinzessin Victoria Louise' does it in style with tall bristled stems contrasting with the delicate ruffled crepe paper-like petals around a deep, dark centre followed by attractive seedheads to lengthen the period of…  More Info

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Pea 'Alderman' (Maincrop) - Heritage

…known heritage maincrop produces heavy crops of large, curved, dark green pea pods of the highest quality. Each pod of Pea 'Alderman' contains up to 11 succulent peas with a superb flavour. This well known and reliable variety has a tall growth habit that will require…  More Info

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Poppy 'Seriously Scarlet'

A dramatic new Poppy with striking scarlet flowers which have a dark purple-blue centre. opening to form an Elizabethan style ruff. The strong, tall stems boast large, highly ornamental, silver-green orientale foliage. Variable seed was sent by a customer to T&M, and breeders…  More Info

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Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'

…copper-red flowers with prominent, dark brown centres, as well as holding an RHS Award of Garden Merit. This hardy perennial is a favourite of butterflies and bees and is therefore perfect for attracting beneficial insects to your garden. Sneezeweed is tall and a good…  More Info

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Sunflower 'Helios Flame' F1 Hybrid

A lovely tall stemmed, bicolour sunflower! Each large golden bloom of Sunflower 'Helios Flame' is embellished by a dark mahogany ring at its centre that makes this a particularly eye catching variety. The tall, sturdy stems each support a single bloom - perfect for…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Little Miss Zoe'

…dwarf variety makes a big impact on the patio! The scarlet red blooms are accompanied by variegated leaves of pale gold, with dark green margins. Reaching only 30cm (12) tall, this hardworking little perennial will flower for months on end, filling borders and…  More Info

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Swiss Chard 'Fordhook Giant'

Heavily savoyed leaves with a superb dark green colour and contrasting ivory stems that make an excellent alternative to spinach. The flavoursome leaves are thick and tender, making an appealing steamed vegetable or a colourful addition to stir fries. Swiss Chard 'Fordhook Giant' is…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Little Sweet Sister'

…weeks earlier than other autumn varieties. The juicy, dark fruits can be picked from July to September, for a delicious taste of summer, even as the first chills of Autumn can be felt. Raspberry 'Little Sweet Sister' reaches just 90cm (36) tall, making a superb…  More Info

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Weigela florida 'Minor Black'

…'Minor Black' won?t ever outgrow its welcome in your garden! This neat and compact variety reaches just 75cm tall, making it ideal for even the smallest spaces. With such striking dark foliage and contrasting bright pink blooms, you might prefer to grow it on the…  More Info

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Viburnum tinus

…April the bush is filled with scented white flowers, that are then followed by dark blue-black fruit. It is RHS plants for pollinators approved. Suitable for a range of garden styles, and as it grows up to 3 metres tall, this Common Laurustinus is a good choice for a…  More Info

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Holly 'Argentea Marginata' (Standard Tree)

Winner of a prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit and a fantastic female specimen for year-round interest, Holly 'Argentea Marginata' bears dark green, toothed, evergreen leaves with a striking creamy-white edge. White flowers are borne in late spring followed by an abundance of…  More Info

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Garden Gear Flickering Candle Rattan Solar Lantern

…from the sun, you benefit from no running costs and the lights will automatically light up in the dark, bringing the magic to life. Specifications Dimensions: Round: D21 x H23cm Weight: 0.44kg Tall: D17.5 x H26cm Weight: 0.3kg Battery: 1.2V AA Ni-Mh 200mAh battery …  More Info

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