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Dahlias Summer

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Dahlia labella 'Maggiore Fire'

This fiery coloured dahlia, is well suited to both a vibrant coloured cottage garden border, or an exotic style garden. The flowers have spiked petals, that are orange, with red tips. Dahlia labella 'Maggiore Fire' provides colour in late summer and autumn, when many…  More Info

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Dahlia Cactus Collection

…windowsills. The dahlias last for years and will flower annually. The tubers can be lifted after the first hard frost of autumn and re-planted the following spring for bigger, better displays. Varieties: Dahlia ‘Orange Turmoil’ Dahlia ‘Yellow…  More Info

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Dahlia variabilis 'Pompone Mixed'

Few summer flowers are as rewarding as Dahlia variablilis ?Pompone Mixed?, with their vivid blooms that make a real splash of colour. The eye catching, spherical, flower heads add structure and a strong colour accent to the middle of beds and borders. Pompom Dahlias  More Info

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Dahlia 'Spectacular Collection'

This mixture of colourful dahlias will create a blaze of summer colour. The fast-growing plants have a compact, bushy habit, producing cheery blooms for a colourful, long lasting display in beds, borders and containers. Collection comprises: 'Arabian Night', 'Lilac Time', …  More Info

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Dahlia 'Figaro Mix'

Dahlia 'Figaro Mix' produces vibrant blooms in an array of colours which are perfect for making an impact in a summer border or patio. These large, strong dahlias can be planted straight into your garden, where you can watch them grow into attractive flowering plants.…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Rebecca's World'

…fade to white, sit side by side with white blooms that mature to deepest red. Each sumptuous semi-cactus dahlia flower adds its own individual character to create a magical display of large 15cm (6) blooms in late summer. Height: 110cm (43). Size 1 tubers supplied.…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Patio Choice' Mix

Perfect for dotting through cottage garden borders, the Dahlia 'Patio Choice' Mix is perfect for bringing a splash of colour to your garden this summer. Making superb cut flowers these semi-dwarf flowers are ideal for planting in your beds and containers too. With fantastic…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Sunset Shades' Collection

You'll never be short of cut flowers if you plant a bed of Dahlia 'Sunset Shades'! This spectacular colour mix of red, orange-pink and salmon will provide you with of material for summer bouquets. Fully double blooms, borne on sturdy upright stems, make a dramatic display…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Lubega Power Tricolor'

The most striking dahlia development to be released this year, Lubega Power Tricolor has the performance to match the appearance. Flower colourings are ever changing throughout the flowering period as the season progresses. Large, bold blooms appear from mid summer to late…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Art Deco'

This two tone, peach and pink Dahlia is fantastic for providing colour in garden borders, late in the summer and early autumn, when other plants have stopped flowering. Dahlia 'Art Deco' flowers have large, fully double heads, with'incurved petals. It can also be grown…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Totally Tangerine'

Dahlia 'Totally Tangerine' is a recent introduction that is rapidly gaining popularity ? it?s easy to see why! The ruffled centres are surrounded by a collar of single petals in a most unusual shade of orange-pink. The underside of each petal is deep rose-ink, creating a pleasing…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Pink Star'

…upwards to create a spectacular architectural focal point. With maturity, plants may also send up panicles of small, creamy-white flowers in early summer. Being evergreen, it provides year round structure and colour, making a superb centrepiece for beds, borders and patio…  More Info

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Zero Gravity Chair Cream

There?s nothing like a comfortable seat for taking time out in the summer sun. Our zero gravity chairs can relieve pressure on your spine and ease muscular tension giving you ultimate relaxation and comfort. How does it work? Using anti-gravity technology originally developed for…  More Info

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