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Narcissus Cornish Miniatures Collection

This pretty collection of Cornish Daffodils will brighten up the garden with their cheery spring blooms. Selected for their compact habit and reliable garden performance, they make the perfect choice for sprinkling through borders, or planting en masse to break up wide…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Cornish Chuckles'

…over Tete-aTete! This miniature Daffodil is about to take UK gardens by storm! Up to 7 blooms per sturdy stem make this a particularly showy variety whether it is in the garden or in a vase indoors. With a delicate scent and cheery golden blooms, Narcissus 'Cornish  More Info

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Narcissus 'Cornish Continuity Collection'

Cornish-bred daffodils are highly sought after for their superior colour, vigour and all-round garden performance. This collection brings together 3 superb varieties that will welcome the spring with a cheery display. Perfect for planting about garden borders or filling patio pots…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Trelawney Gold'

As the name suggests, Narcissus 'Trelawney Gold' is Cornish bred with bright and breezy golden blooms. The trumpets boast crimped edges, standing out nicely from its backward-arching petals. This sturdy little Daffodil is as versatile as it is reliable. Plant it in beds,…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Treglisson'

…gardens Narcissus 'Treglisson' produces an early display from late January onwards. This robust dwarf daffodil boasts fragrant, citrus-yellow trumpets that stand proudly upon sturdy stems. From Cornish breeding, this reliable variety is equally good in borders,…  More Info

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