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Artichoke 'Italian Purple'

An attractive Cardoon with purple flower buds which provide good ornamental value as well as a tasty crop of fresh artichokes during summer. The purple-skinned flower buds of Artichoke ?Italian Purple? are generously large and can be removed from the stem when ready. Enjoy the whole head…  More Info

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Artichoke 'Imperial Star'

Not only an impressive cropper but also an ornamental feature, you can grow tall and upright Artichoke ?Imperial Star? in rows on the allotments or as a dual purpose feature at the back of a sunny border. The flower buds are large and flavoursome, held above tall study stems during summer.…  More Info

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Globe Artichoke 'Purple Globe'

Globe Artichoke 'Purple Globe' is a magnificent perennial that will provide you with a tasty, purple, globe-shaped head towards the end of the summer. Its foliage is a gorgeous silvery colour, and they are wonderful in any allotment, vegetable plot or even a cottage garden border. The…  More Info

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Globe Artichoke 'Green Globe Improved' F1 Hybrid

Globe Artichoke 'Green Globe Improved' F1 Hybrid has large and heavy globe-shaped heads with a consistent quality. The sharp spines have also been reduced which has really helped improve this variety. The tasty hearts are a delicacy when pickled and even the base of the leaves can also be…  More Info

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