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Dodecatheon meadia

Commonly known as Shooting Stars, this unusual perennial deserves to be more widely grown in UK gardens. The spring blooms are similar to Cyclamen, with reflexed petals and a lovely deep pink colour, but carried on much taller, 45cm (18) stems. Dodecatheon meadia loves a cool, shady…  More Info

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Aubrieta cultorum 'Cascade Purple'

…smothered in vibrant purple flowers from March onwards and is the perfect compliment to spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and cyclamen. With a spreading, mat-forming habit, this evergeen perennial is superb for rock gardens, spilling over sunny banks, patio…  More Info

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Cyclamen coum

These tough little cyclamens send up their dainty pink blooms in the depths of winter, making a cheery companion for snowdrops, crocus and other early species. These charming blooms boast reflexed petals, standing just 10cm (4) tall. The rounded leaves are dark green, marbled with a…  More Info

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