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Salad Leaves 'Cut 'n' Come Again'- Kew Collection Seeds

…mixture, ideal for sowing in containers outdoors throughout the summer, and indoors on a windowsill during the winter. Salad Leaves Cut 'n' Come Again is ready to cut from 25 days in summer and 50 days during winter.Mixture contains: Mizuna, Salad Rocket…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Valmaine' (Romaine/Cut And Come Again)

Romaine Lettuce 'Valmaine' is ideal for sowing as a 'cut and come again' crop, remaining productive throughout the season with regular cropping and successive sowings. Its sweet flavour and fleshy texture make it perfect for adding to salads and sandwiches, especially…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Alfresco Mixed'

Lettuce ‘Alfresco Mixed’ contains a mix of red and green lettuce, rocket, endive, and radicchio. These ‘cut and come again’ varieties can be picked as young leaves every 2 to 3 weeks to make delicious and colourful salads or to use in sandwich…  More Info

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Chinese Leaves 'Vitimo' F1 Hybrid (Summer/Autumn)

…has attractive dark green outer leaves and a contrasting yellow heart that will add crunch to salads and stir fries. Chinese Leaves 'Vitimo' produces mature heads of 600 - 750g in just 55 days from sowing, or can be harvested as a productive 'cut and come again'  More Info

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Wasabi Rocket

…salad leaf form. Our Wasabi Rocket can be harvested as a baby leaf within weeks of sowing or left to mature into a full leaf alongside your cut and come again salad varieties - either way the flavour is just as distinctive. Sow some every couple of weeks, and…  More Info

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Zinnia 'Forecast'

Exceptionally long lasting blooms on tall, sturdy upright stems, this eye-catching mix will not only bring long-lasting colour to the garden throughout the summer months, but their cut-and-come-again nature means you can fill your vases with these beautiful blooms without losing your…  More Info

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Zinnia elegans 'Queeny Mixed'

With unusual chocolate-lime colouring and impressively large double blooms which keep on coming all summer long, this outstanding mix deserves a prime position in the garden. The showy blooms of Zinnia ?Queeny Mixed? sit above tall, upright stems emerge in shades of cocoa brown…  More Info

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Platinum Feed Bundle

…blackbirds, dunnocks and all manner of garden birds with this popular straight feed. De-husked to cut down on mess, it?s also a great option if you have ever had mice visitors and don?t want them again! Peanuts Carefully selected, and tested against the harmful…  More Info

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