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Crown Imperial

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Fritillaria imperialis 'Maxima Lutea'

This RHS AGM variety produces dramatic crowns of bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers, topped with a whirl of leaf-like bracts. This exotic-looking hardy perennial makes a real statement in borders, where its impressive height is ideal for the back of the border. Plant Fritillaria imperialis 'Maxima…  More Info

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Fritillaria imperialis 'Collection'

…of dramatic, regal-looking Fritillaria imperialis, producing up to 8 large, bell-shaped blooms draped gracefully beneath a crown of leaf-like bracts. Plant Crown Imperials in groups towards the back of borders for a stately display in late spring. These exotic-looking hardy perennials also produce…  More Info

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Fritillaria 'Orange Beauty'

…plants that puts on a performance to make you gasp! Above whorls of strap-shaped leaves, rise dark, sturdy stems up to 90cm tall, which burst into a crown of pendant orange bells, topped with a spiky coronet. This strong variety has exquisite colouring, bearing deep orange flowers glowing with red…  More Info

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