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Crocosmia 'Hot Spot' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia ?Hot Spot is one of the Crocosmia Firestar Series, that have been bred for their fiery coloured flowers and compact growing habit. The flowers grow on arching stems, with bright yellow petals, with central rings of cherry red blotches. The foliage is sword…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Firestarter' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia 'Firestarter' is one of the Crocosmia Firestars Series, that have been specifically bred for their fiery bicolour flowers. It has arching flower stems, with funnel shaped, yellow blooms, each with orange edging, and sword shaped foliage. Whether it's a garden…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Firestars Collection'

…10cm (14). Crocosmia 'Firestars Collection' comprises: * Crocosmia 'Firestarter' - Arching stems tipped with funnel-shaped yellow flowers, each with bright orange edges.* Crocosmia 'Hot Spot' - Each lemon yellow bloom is decorated with a central…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Scorchio' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia 'Scorchio' is a perfect plant for adding some fiery colours to your herbaceous border. The arching stems are full of orange and yellow flowers, that are set against a dense clump of sword-shaped, green foliage. This Crocosmia is a variety from the Firestar…  More Info

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