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Crocosmia 'Scorchio' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia 'Scorchio' is a perfect plant for adding some fiery colours to your herbaceous border. The arching stems are full of orange and yellow flowers, that are set against a dense clump of sword-shaped, green foliage. This Crocosmia is a variety from the Firestar Series,…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Hot Spot' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia ?Hot Spot is one of the Crocosmia Firestar Series, that have been bred for their fiery coloured flowers and compact growing habit. The flowers grow on arching stems, with bright yellow petals, with central rings of cherry red blotches. The foliage is sword shaped.…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…?Chater?s Double Mixed? - Architectural spires of ruffled, double blooms tower over summer borders adding structure and a riot of colour. B, Crocosmia - Form dense clumps of upright sword-shaped foliage, from which sprays of bright orange or red flowers, carried in branched…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Firestarter' (Firestars Series)

Crocosmia 'Firestarter' is one of the Crocosmia Firestars Series, that have been specifically bred for their fiery bicolour flowers. It has arching flower stems, with funnel shaped, yellow blooms, each with orange edging, and sword shaped foliage. Whether it's a garden with a…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Spitfire'

Crocosmia 'Spitfire' is a dwarf variety of Crocosmia, that has fiery orange, star shaped flowers, on the ends of slender stems. The foliage is vibrant green, and sword shaped. As the plant matures, the clump will slowly spread, filling up more space of a herbaceous border. It…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Firestars Collection'

…10cm (14). Crocosmia 'Firestars Collection' comprises: * Crocosmia 'Firestarter' - Arching stems tipped with funnel-shaped yellow flowers, each with bright orange edges.* Crocosmia 'Hot Spot' - Each lemon yellow bloom is decorated with a central ring of deep…  More Info

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Summer Colour Bulb Collection

…delicately cupped petals in a vibrant mix of bold colours. Acidanthera - Elegant white blooms with deep maroon blotch at the base of each petal. Crocosmia - Fiery red flowers on arching stems. Mixed gladioli - Spectacular stately flower spikes to fill your borders with…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

…red flowers in late summer and early autumn. Earlier in the season the sword-shaped leaves are great for adding vertical interest to borders. Crocosmia 'Lucifer' has been awarded an RHS AGM and looks superb planted in drifts through borders, providing a welcome splash of…  More Info

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Summer Bulb Collection

…15cm (6). Spread: 5cm (2).* Brodiaea (40 bulbs) - Produces clusters of double funnel shaped blooms in a rich bluish mauve colour. Bulb size 4/5. Crocosmia (3 bulbs) - Arching stems tipped with an explosion of starryblooms appear above the sword-like, linear foliage. Bulb…  More Info

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