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Cox's Orange Pippin

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Apple (Britain's Favourites Collection)

…cooking apple, that produces large apples with a sharp acidic flavour that are ideal for making delicious apple pies and crumbles. Apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin' - A fine tasting dessert apple, with a rich aromatic flavour and a crisp, juicy texture.* Apple rootstocks:* M27 - Extreme dwarf reaching…  More Info

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Apple 'Queen Cox'

…and best-known English apple, ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’, Apple ‘Queen Cox’ is the most superior offspring of the Pippin family, condensing all the best characteristics of its relatives. The orange-red fruit has a richer colour than Orange Pippin, and is slightly larger and…  More Info

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Apple 'Braeburn'

…variety can be harvested in October and stores very well. Braeburn is not self-pollinating so for the heaviest crops it is best grown with Cox's Orange Pippin. Height: 3m (9') Rootstock: M9/ M26. Supplied as root-wrapped 1m high pruned tree. Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are…  More Info

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Apple 'Pixie' (Organic)

…aromatic, dessert apple which is more suited to colder, wetter climates than Cox. This later-ripening variety is ready for harvesting around mid-October but often with the flavour improving during storage. Cox’s Orange Pippin is reported to be one of its parents and the flavour is similar but…  More Info

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