Cornflower \'dwarf Blue Midget\' (seeds

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Cornflower 'Dwarf Blue Midget' (Seeds)

Superb dwarf variety of blue cornflower, compact and easy-to-grow with abundant flowers. Even suitable for patio containers and windowboxes. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 20cm (8). Culinary information: Add petals to salads as a colourful garnish or sprinkle over…  More Info

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Cornflower 'Dwarf Blue Midget'

A fantastic little cornflower! Lower flowering and neater in habit than any we have seen before. At just 15cm (6) high it is covered with flowers, which continue as the plants reaches its final height of about 30cm (12) high. Cornflower 'Dwarf Blue Midget'  More Info

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