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Beehive Planters Pack Of 3

…Manufactured from UV stabilised polyurethane, your planters will be weather resistant and maintenance free. They are lighter that than clay or copper planters, making them easier to place and move if need be. These bronze-effect planters will provide a striking focal point…  More Info

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Copper Beech (Hedging)

For an unusually coloured hedgerow, Copper beech is the perfect candidate. It can be grown to almost any height as a hedge or privacy screen and will maintain a good density and tidy shape, usually only needing to be clipped once or twice a year. Over winter, Copper Beech…  More Info

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Copper Solar Stake Light X4

Light the way with this pack of four solar stake lights. This classic design is beautiful and will make a great focal point in the daylight and highlight garden ornaments or features at night. These eco-friendly lights feature one solar light panel per stake allowing them to be placed…  More Info

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Work Expert 2000W Heat Gun

…deflector nozzle ? For soldering copper pipes indoors, stripping paint on window frames or bending plastic pipes* Cone nozzle ? For stripping paint in small areas and thawing external pipes * Open nozzle ? For stripping paint in larger areas and soldering copper pipes…  More Info

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Daffodil 'Tahiti'

Flamboyant soft yellow petals with ruffled copper centres are sure to warm your heart. Enjoy their soft fragrance on warm spring days. Grow them outdoors, or in containers on a bright windowsill indoors. Also excellent as cut flowers to make a really pretty posy! Height: 35cm (15).…  More Info

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Tulip 'Slawa'

…combination that is simply mesmerising in its beauty. This outstanding variety of Triumph tulip has a typical goblet shaped bloom, deep burgundy with a copper edge that will slowly fade to silver as the flower matures. Perfect for impact planting and also for the cut flower…  More Info

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Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'

This flamboyant grass makes a superb focal point for summer borders. The tall stems topped with feathery plumes of rich copper red look magnificent above clumps of narrow, green, arching foliage. The stately flower spikes of Miscanthus 'Purpurascens' are most numerous following a…  More Info

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Amelanchier lamarckii

This large specimen tree is attractively open and airy. Amelanchier trees are deciduous and noted for their vivid colours, changing from copper red in spring to green in summer, and then beautiful orange and red tones by the autumn. It is popular for its magnificent white spring…  More Info

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Heucherella Trailing Mix

…veins. * Heucherella 'Yellowstone Falls' - Maroon markings contrast beautifully with the lime green leaves.* Heucherella 'Redstone Falls' - Autumnal shades of copper and yellow-green. Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more details…  More Info

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Miscanthus Grass Collection

…Spread: 100cm (39). Supplied in 9cm pots.* Collection comprises:* Miscanthus 'Purpurascens' - Tall stems topped with feathery plumes of rich copper red look magnificent above clumps of narrow, green, arching foliage.* Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberspinne' - Spidery panicles of…  More Info

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Defenders Slug and Snail Barrier Tape 4 metres

…a problem with slugs and snails eating your precious plants and vegetables then you need to use slug and snail tape from Defenders. Humane Using copper tape to protect your plants means that slugs and snails are deterred from eating your vegetation rather than killing them.…  More Info

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Daffodil 'Lover's Collection'

…- Bright golden blooms with deep orange trumpets are carried high on tall stems. * Daffodil 'Tahiti' - Flamboyant soft yellow petals with ruffled copper centres are sure to warm your heart.* Daffodil 'Golden King Alfred' - Traditional, large trumpets on tall, sturdy stems.*…  More Info

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Pieris Collection

…will develop in early spring and it?s easy to maintain. Height and Spread: 60cm (24). 'Mountain Fire' ? Dazzling red spring growth slowly transforms into shades of copper before a deep green. Cream flowers bloom in March ? May on this hardy evergreen shrub. Height: 2m (6?,6)…  More Info

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Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'

If you are looking for an eye-catching grass to stand out in your borders, giving year-round interest then Miscanthus ?Gracilimus' will be an asset. It really comes into its own after a long hot summer, when the flower spikes are superb, with gorgeous, copper-coloured feathery plumes on…  More Info

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Serenity Lily Pad Cascade Water Feature

Serenity Lily Pad Cascade Water Feature Create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere in your garden with this decorative lily pad cascade water feature from Serenity. Sit back and enjoy the calming sound of trickling water as you admire your new centrepiece which is sure to impress your…  More Info

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Set of Two Metal Scroll Light Hens

Add a touch of elegance and style to your home and garden with these two light-up hens from Smart Solar. By day they will add a playful touch to any outside space and by night they will become a stunning lit feature. Solar Powered The hens have an integrated solar panel, by using solar…  More Info

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Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'

…are perfect for increasing the amount of colour in your late summer garden. Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' is a particularly good choice, featuring copper-red flowers with prominent, dark brown centres, as well as holding an RHS Award of Garden Merit. This hardy perennial is a…  More Info

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Helenium 'Ruby Tuesday'

Helenium 'Ruby Tuesday' gets its name from the daisy-like flowers it produces between July and September. Copper-red, fluted petals surround a saffron yellow and ruby centre, introducing the beautiful colours of autumn to gardens in the late summer. This sneezeweed works best in…  More Info

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Heucherella 'Redstone Falls'

As superb perennial with vigorous trailing stems cloaked with evergreen foliage, Heucherella 'Redstone Falls' combines the best traits of its Heuchera and Tiarella parents. Copper-pink spring foliage matures to a fabulous tapestry of red, orange and gold tones by autumn, with loose…  More Info

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Abelia Collection

This collection of two superb abelia varieties is sure to please! With a compact, arching habit and long flowering period, Abelia x grandiflora 'Sunny Charms' makes a fine addition to sunny borders. Masses of creamy-yellow trumpet shaped blooms with a delicate pink blush are borne at the…  More Info

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