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Pansy 'Coolwave'

A winter pansy variety that is perfect for growing in patio containers, Flower Pouches' and window boxes. This trailing variety of pansy will provide a cascade of pretty pansies, with a mix of creams, yellows, blues and purples, throughout the dark and cold autumn and winter months and the…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Raspberry'

For a robust annual that can be planted and flower at anytime of the year, there is no better plant than the humble pansy. Pansy 'Coolwave Raspberry' is a beautiful variety, with raspberry pink petals, and purple and white centres. With a gentle cascading habit, it is suitable for…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Berries 'n' Cream Mix'

…been a popular choice for British gardeners, due to their reliability and prettiness. Pansy 'Coolwave Berries 'n' Cream Mix' is two lovely varieties that look great planted next to each other. The coolwave series can be planted at anytime of the year, and will flower…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Fire'

Pansy 'Coolwave Fire' is a long flowering variety of pansy, that can flower at anytime of the year, including winter. With cascading stems, it is perfect for planters, hanging baskets and window boxes. The pansies are'bicolour; gold and burgundy, each patterned with a whiskered face…  More Info

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