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Controlled Release Fertiliser

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Chempak® Yearlong Fertiliser

…all you need! This fertiliser will gradually release nutrients over the year, providing a controlled flow of plant food around the plant roots. Ideal for trees, shrubs and ericaceous plants and especially good for the long term feeding of container grown plants…  More Info

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…exclusive Incredicrop' plant fertiliser offering a simple, controlled release for the most incredible harvest. Incredicrop' is specially formulated to increase fruit and vegetable harvest using a unique double nitrogen technology. The easy-to-use slow-release …  More Info

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Petunia Fertiliser

These high quality fertiliser granules release a constant, controlled supply of nutrients to your petunias without wastage or leaching. Just one application feeds your petunias for the whole season. Easy to apply - just mix it with compost when potting up young petunia…  More Info

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…the water and gradually start to expand. * After 10 minutes, break compost up to a fine texture with your hands.* Coir itself doesn?t contain many nutrients. We recommend adding a controlled release fertiliser such as incredibloom or incredicrop to create the…  More Info

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incredibloom® and incredcrop® duo

…and veg. Incredibloom®A ground-breaking innovation in premium fertilisers. It guarantees that your plants will be fed the correct nutrients as and when they need them. The controlled slow release sets new standards in fertiliser quality thanks to its…  More Info

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Magnolia Patio Collection

…Why not make sure your Magnolia Patio Collection has the best start in life by upgrading with Chempak' Yearlong Fertiliser which only needs a single feed for a continuous controlled release of nutrients for your magnolias for the whole year! Culinary note: The…  More Info

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