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Sambucus nigra 'Golden Tower'

For a bright column of colour in your garden, look no further than Sambucus nigra 'Golden Tower'. This unusual variety will quickly grow straight up, without the usual branching out habit of other Elderberries, forming a tall and relatively narrow deciduous shrub. The Golden yellow leaves of 'Golden…  More Info

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Pear 'Obelisk Column'

…pears from your patio in October. An additional feature is provided by white blossom in spring, making Pear ‘Obelisk Column’ a stunning ornamental tree as well. Height: 1.5m (5ft). Spread: 1m (39in).* Pollination Group: 2 - flowering mid season (C)* Self fertile* Harvest:…  More Info

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Crab Apple 'Maypole Column'

…tightest of spaces. Apple 'Maypole Column' is both ornamental and productive, delivering spring and autumn impact plus an abundance of crab apple fruits. Crab Apple ‘Maypole Column’ grows as an upright column with few side branches, resulting in a narrow tree only a couple of feet wide.…  More Info

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Plum 'Mirabelle Ruby Column'

A space-saving variety that makes a superb choice for small gardens or container growing on a sunny patio. Plum ‘Mirabelle Ruby Column’ features a slender footprint, reaching only about 80-100cm in width. Attractive spring blossom is followed by deep red fruits that are one of the…  More Info

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Cherry 'Sylvia Column'

Mid/Late Season Enjoy fresh sweet cherries picked from your patio! Cherry 'Sylvia Column' is a dwarf cherry that bears few side branches, growing into a narrow column that fits into the tightest of spaces. It is ideal for container growing on a patio, terrace, balcony or courtyard. It works equally…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Tree Everest Autumn Mix'

Create a tall column of exotic-coloured blooms with Alstroemeria 'Tree Everest Mix'. These garden beauties are ideal for borders or patio pots. This exotic-looking blend of Peruvian Lilies have been carefully selected for their height and stature! This mix contains 'Nirvana' , 'Allure' & 'Energy'.…  More Info

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Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pendulum'

tree! Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pendulum’ is a slow-growing evergreen conifer that forms a tall, narrow pillar. The vigorous, upright trunk carries tightly pendulous branches clothed in mane-like, grey-green foliage. Mature specimens have the appearance of strange, shaggy columns, often…  More Info

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