Coloured Planters

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Coloured Planters

Brighten up you garden with these durable and stylish pots in a range of bold colours. Choose from warm lime and light pink. Diameter: 32cm (12 1/2).  More Info

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Balcony Planter

…is at a premium, these sturdy planters are the easy way to add a splash of colour. Designed with built in hangers, they are easy to install on balconies, garden railings, fences and handrails. Even without a garden, you can create a dazzling display. Each planter<…  More Info

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VegTrug® Patio Planter

The VegTrug' Patio Planter is an obelisk style, brightly coloured felt planter that is designed for climbing plants. It can be used to grow vertical growing vegetables, such as runner beans and peas, or climbing flowers such as Clematis and Sweet Peas. It is very easy…  More Info

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Patio Planter Sabina Dark Grey

…garden style. Made from sturdy, lightweight plastic, it is robust and easy to move. Clean lines and a dark grey, anthracite colour is perfect for showing off your colourful plants at their very best. With plenty of pre-drilled drainage holes, it is perfect for all…  More Info

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Nerine bowdenii Collection

…then explode into life from October and well-past the fireworks season, offering a welcome dose of bright colour in garden borders and planters. Our collection brings you an array of the colours that Nerine bowdenii provides, from pure white of Nerine bowdenii …  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Geisha Orange' (Azalea Group)

…to an alpine garden rockery. It flowers in May and sometimes in June, helping to provide colour in between spring bulbs, and summer flowering perennials and annuals. Azaleas are suitable for patio planters and pots. Height and spread: 60cm (24). Plant height and…  More Info

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Clematis Trio

…transform a drab brick wall into a beautiful part of your garden. Alternatively, they can be planted in three obelisk planters and placed on a patio or decking space, to add some colour. * Clematis Trio comprises: * 1 x Clematis florida ?Taiga? - Layer upon layer of…  More Info

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Sweet William 'Festival Mixed'

Sweet William 'Festival Mixed' have a lovely scent, and provide garden colour in late autumn and right through to spring, when many other flowering plants are past their best. The petals are bi-coloured, in a mix of shades of white, pink, purple, and red and have serated edges.…  More Info

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Lobelia 'Cascade Mix' (Seeds)

Popular trailing plants in a colourful mix of blooms. These plants make a fantastic display, ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes and patio planters. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 25cm (10).  More Info

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Dianthus 'IQ'

…?IQ? is a fabulous interspecific hybrid of D. barbartus and D. chinensis that looks great in rockeries, cottage garden borders and in informal planters. A mix of early flowering plants and bi-coloured blooms, the flowers are a mix of four types, in shades of pink, red and…  More Info

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Clematis 'Piilu'

…all the best attriibutes of this type of climbing plant. It has flowers in a classic star shape, that are both frilled at the edges and double coloured. Down the middle of the wide sepals is a mauve pink bar that fades either side to pale pink and in the centre of the…  More Info

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Salvia Lips Collection

With unusual, bi-coloured flowers, Salvia Lips Collection is a wonderful addition to garden borders, or planted together in a large patio planter. These sages are drought tolerant, and the foliage has a blackcurrant scent. Nectar rich, the flowers will help attract bees and…  More Info

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Salvia 'Amethyst Lips'

…Lavender, in a cottage garden border. Alternatively, it can be planted with other Salvia varieties, in the 'Lips' collection, in a border, or patio planter. Nectar rich, it is a good plant for pollinators, and it has scented leaves, that are reminiscent of blackcurrant. The…  More Info

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