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Lily 'Colour Carpet'

…beautiful carpet of colour throughout your borders with this mix of outstanding Asiatic lilies. Producing up to 10 flowers per bulb in the first year and even more in following years, these amazing, compact plants will create colourful ground cover from summer…  More Info

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Mesembryanthemum criniflorum 'Magic Carpet Mixed' (Seeds)

Create a carpet of colour in borders and rockeries with these brightly coloured daisies. Ideal for dry and sunny positions around the garden. Height: 7.5cm (3). Spread: 30cm (12). Culinary information: Leaves can be eaten raw, mainly being used as a spinach substitute.…  More Info

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Tulip 'Magical Carpet'

Tulip ?Magic Carpet? includes some particularly choice forms and colours. Planted closely together, these colourful dwarf tulips create stunning ground cover in rockeries, spring beds and patio containers. Flowering from April to May, this lovely mix is the perfect way…  More Info

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Spiraea japonica 'Magic Carpet'

Spiraea ?Magic Carpet' is renowned for its colourful foliage. Holder of an RHS Award of Garden Merit, it holds its colour right through the season. The brilliant foliage is set off by dazzling pink flowers from early summer. Spiraea are straightforward to grow and look…  More Info

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Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet'

…foliage, extending to 1.5m (5?) with maturity. Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet' is easy to grow, and needs virtually no maintenance once established. With a strong, architectural presence it is ideal for providing year round colour and structure to your garden.…  More Info

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Tulip and Muscari 'Regal Mix'

…form a carpet of colour, punctuated by the frilly-edged, bright pink blooms of Tulip ?Queensland?. Tulip and Muscari 'Regal Mix' brings a stylish, professional display to your spring garden. Plant them en masse for the best effect. Perfect for filling beds and…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Mix

…display! Dainty Narcissus 'T'te-'-T'te', with its sunshine yellow petals, combines wonderfully with the cobalt blue, bell shaped flowers of Muscari armenicum. These two RHS AGM varieties will create a carpet of colour that will return year after year in borders,…  More Info

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Woodland Garden Bulb Duo

Create a carpet of colour that will last from winter through to spring with this classic Woodland Bulb Duo. The single-flowered Snowdrops begin the display during the coldest months, followed by a sea of Bluebells which herald the return of warmer weather. These low…  More Info

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Russian Snowdrop

With a beauty that belies its resilience, Puschkinia will form a carpet of spring colour that is virtually maintenance free. These tough little bulbs emerge in a flurry of palest blue flowers, etched with dark powder blue stripes. Russian snowdrops enjoy well drained soils…  More Info

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…your spring garden. Easy to establish, these undemanding aconite bulbs will return year after year with virtually no maintenance, to create a carpet of colour. Perfect for naturalising in informal areas of grass or planting in the dappled shade of deciduous trees.…  More Info

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Lily 'Dazzler' (Ground Cover)

…paths and borders. Each bulb produces up to 10 exquisite blooms set above glossy green foliage that knits together to create a seamless carpet of colour. The compact, sturdy stems are ideal for cutting and will fragrance your home for up to two weeks. Bulb size: 12/14…  More Info

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Muscari armeniacum

…armeniacum requires virtually no further attention and will happily look after itself. This delightful RHS AGM variety is ideal for creating carpets of spring colour that will return year after year throughout rockeries, woodlands and cottage garden borders. Height:…  More Info

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Tulip and Muscari 'Purple Rain Mix'

…Rain Mix' brings an opulent, professional display to your spring garden. Plant them en masse and enjoy the sight of purple and mauve Tulips peeping through a carpet of blue Muscari. Perfect for filling beds and containers with a colour coordinated display. Height:…  More Info

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Hyacinth Hollyhock & Anemone Blanda Mix

…of the same colour or species can look contrived, but this charming blend brings a relaxed, informality to the garden. The upright Hyacinths rise above a carpet of daisy-like Anemone blooms. Perfect for the front of borders or filling patio containers with a splash of…  More Info

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Sedum Collection

…some spectacular recent introductions. These tough little succulent perennials have low, spreading habits that will carpet the ground, and deliver a bright splash of colourful blooms at the end of summer - just when it?s really needed. Plant them at the front of…  More Info

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Sempervivum 'Mixed'

…architectural evergreen succulents, also known as houseleeks, form neat rosettes of pointed leaves in a variety of colours. Over time the rosettes multiply to form a dense carpet, and produce tall flower stems in summer, topped with clusters of pink, pale yellow or…  More Info

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Spring Bulbs In The Green Collection

…Green Collection features Single Snowdrops, Double Snowdrops, Bluebells and Aconites. These native bulb species can be used to create a mass of colour in your lawn or under trees. The top quality, long-lasting bulbs are delivered in spring either during or after flowering,…  More Info

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Chionodoxa Mixed

This lovely springtime mix of Chionodoxa bulbs provides a dazzling splash of colour from early March, when it is most needed after the dark days of winter. Commonly known as ?Glory of the Snow?, this hardy, low maintenance Spring bulb is quick to establish and will happily…  More Info

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Summer Flowering Bulb Collection

This collection includes five of the most popular and colourful summer-flowering bulbs: Allium Shaerocephalon, Ixia Hogarth, Freesia Mixed, Anemone Blanda and Gladioli mix. Plant them amongst perennials for a pop of colour or in borders and patio pots for a bright display.…  More Info

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Osteospermum Hardy Duo

…Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum - Irrepressibly cheerful, bright pink daisy flowers smother carpets of low growing foliage. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 90cm (36). Culinary note: The bright coloured flowers can be used as a garnish or in ice cubes to add an extra…  More Info

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Sedum takesimense 'Atlantis'

…Plant of the Year 2019. With mossy green and pale gold foliage, it makes an extremely attractive hardy perennial. Each variegated leaf retains its colour nicely throughout the summer, and boasts a delicately serrated edge. Clusters of yellow flowers explode from pink buds in…  More Info

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