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Coleus Plants

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Coleus Mix

Coleus are flamboyant foliage plants which come in a range of fantastic colours and make sensational statement plants in patio pots, beds and borders. They can even be used as house or conservatory plants. These tender, tropical perennials are generally grown as annuals. They are fast-growing and…  More Info

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Painted Nettle - House Plant Seeds

…painted nettles make great house plants too. With such a diversity of colours and patterns, they are perfect for cheering up a bright windowsill, or adding a lush, leafy feel to the conservatory. During the summer months they can even stand outside on the patio! Coleus are very easy to grow from…  More Info

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Coleus 'Palisandra' - Seeds

Almost certainly the purest and deepest colour in existence. Lush, rich, broad leaves, like velvet, lightly serrated and nearly black in colour. Superb mixed with summer patio container plants.  More Info

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Coleus 'Wizard Mixed' - Seeds

…their petals to welcome the spring. This large flowered variety is a joyful sight when planted in drifts or naturalised in grass. Flowering 7.5cm (3) tall during February and March, these hardy crocus bulbs will multiply and bloom year after year. Useful links: How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers  More Info

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Coleus 'T&M Prize Strain Improved Mixed' - Seeds

The sheer joy of this mixture is the wide and multiple colour range. It gives you so many different pot plants from one packet of seed and they couldn't be easier to grow. Superb house or greenhouse pot plant. Bedding plants for warm but shady positions. Height 45cm (18in).  More Info

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Green Houseplant Starter Mix

…thrive in a wide range of conditions. Featuring a variety of foliage shapes, textures and colours they?ll create an instant display of calming tropical foliage. The mix can include but is not limited to: Coleus, Asparagus Fern, Tradescantia, Ficus, Chinese Money Plant, Dieffenbachia and many more.  More Info

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Coleus canina 'Scaredy Cat'

Coleus Caninai is easy to grow and will thrive on neglect as it is a naturally drought tolerant plant. It even produces attractive blue flowers during the summer months and early autumn. Height: 45cm (18). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant  More Info

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Coleus Premium 'Sun Coral Candy'

…a house or conservatory plant. This versatile coleus adapts to sun or shade. Height : 10 - 16 (25 - 40cm). Spread: 12 - 14 (30 - 35cm). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size. The height and spread of the plant delivered will vary depending…  More Info

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