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Coleus 'Main Street' Collection

…a long period. These versatile Coleus also cope well in both sun and shade. Height: 40cm (16). Spread: 30cm (12). * Coleus ?Main street Collection? comprises: * Coleus ?Rodeo Drive? - Bright green, deeply lobed foliage with a dark, purple-black margins.*   More Info

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Coleus Freaky Leaves Collection

…45cm (18). Coleus Freaky Leaves Collection comprises:* Coleus ?Board Street?(Main Street Series) - Alluring, dark foliage with a delicate border of lime green.* Coleus ?Presidio? (Stained Glassworks Series) - Upright variety with golden foliage s[plashed with…  More Info

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Purple Lights Annuals Collection

…You can even choose a pot and saucer or a hanging basket with liner to make your display complete! Take the short cut to a fabulous display this summer. Purple Lights Collection comprises jumbo plugs of:* Petunia 'Purple Spotlight' * Lobularia 'Purple' * Coleus 'Main street'…  More Info

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Scaredy Cat Plant

This easy to grow Coleus Canina keeps cats, dogs, rabbits and foxes away from your garden, also known as the ?Scaredy Cat? Plant. It produces an odour that cats in particular find offensive. It will be at its most effective when planted in a sunny spot, because the odour gets…  More Info

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Summer Garden Collection

…annuals and perennials that will brighten your garden from summer through to autumn. Your collection comprises of 20 jumbo plugs including: 2 x Coleus Canina 'Scardy Cat', 2 x Dahlia labella 'Maggiore Fire', 1 x Ajuga 'Princess Nadia', 1 x Celosia 'Kellos Atomic', 1 x…  More Info

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Shades of Summer Garden Pack

…Gerbera 'Sweet Honey' - Blooming reliably from late spring to autumn, these magnificent hardy Gerbera Daisies make fabulous patio plants. (1 plant)* Coleus Canina plants ? Known as the ?Scaredy Cat? plant, this variety of painted nettle bears lush green foliage and dainty…  More Info

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