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Garden Grow Aluminium Cold Frame with '20 Worth of Vegetable Seeds

…Aluminium Cold Frame Extend the growing season and keep your delicate plants protected from harsh weather conditions with this aluminium cold frame from Garden Grow. Cold frames are great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or…  More Info

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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…very free draining soil. They will also appreciate protection from cold, wet, winter weather. Provide a winter cloche where possible, or plant them in containers that can be moved to a cold greenhouse or the shelter of a cold frame between late autumn…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Tom Thumb' (Butterhead)

…soft leaves just right for small families or restricted space. Lettuce Butterhead Tom Thumb can be grown as close as 15cm (6in.) apart and makes a useful early crop in a cold frame or cloches. Very fast growing, from an early spring Butterhead Tom Thumb will be the…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Winter Gem' (Cos)

…September to January. Although not suitable for growing outdoors, hardy Lettuce 'Winter Gem' is ideal for cropping in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame for overwinter production. The small but delicious, crunchy, sweet hearts are equal in taste to 'Little Gem'…  More Info

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Carrot 'Adelaide' F1 Hybrid

One of the earliest maturing varieties, Carrot 'Adelaide' will be your first carrot crop of the year. This RHS AGM variety is ideal for growing in cold frames and under cloches. The quick growing roots are delightfully crunchy with a delicious sweet flavour. Height: 30cm (12)…  More Info

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Carrot 'Amsterdam Forcing'

A quick maturing variety, Carrot 'Amsterdam Forcing' is ideal for growing early crops under cloches or cold frames. The high quality, small cylindrical roots can be harvested at finger size for deep orange-red carrots with a sweet flavour and virtually no core. For an ongoing…  More Info

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Melon 'Outdoor Wonder' F1 Hybrid

…ball sized fruits are the perfect size for a one person serving! Height and spread: 2m (6', 6). Melons require high temperatures and humidity. In all but the very warmest areas cultivation is most successful in a greenhouse, or under cover of a cold frame or cloche…  More Info

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