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Arabian Coffee Plant (House Plant Seeds)

Ever wondered where your coffee comes from? Meet Coffea Arabica, the Arabian Coffee plant! This bushy foliage plant makes a handsome house plant and a great talking point. While it?s unlikely to produce a crop of coffee beans in your home, it can still be enjoyed for…  More Info

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Garden Gear Acacia Hardwood Lutyens Coffee Table

…Lutyens Coffee Table Create the perfect haven to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while admiring all your handiwork in the garden with this stunning, decorative Acacia hardwood Lutyens coffee table from Garden Gear. Inspired by the English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens,…  More Info

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Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Non-stop Mocca'

The foliage of this begonia, is the reason why its called Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Non-stop Mocca'. The leaves are dark green, with coffee coloured edging. They make a great contrast to the vibrant coloured blooms, in a range of 5 different colours. Begonias are a popular bedding…  More Info

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Dracaena fragrans 'Tornado' (House Plant)

…to create a fabulous whirlpool effect. As a young plant Dracaena fragrans ?Tornado? has a low rounded shape that sits nicely on a worktop or coffee table. With maturity it gradually extends upwards to form an upright central stem, making a fine floor-standing specimen. This…  More Info

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Garden Gear Acacia Lutyens Bench

…life, each piece has also been pre-treated with oil to help prolong its life. Also available to purchase is the stunning acacia hardwood Lutyens coffee table and folding Adirondack chair. Specifications Dimensions: L130 x W51 x H90.5cm Weight: 15kg Maximum load weight: 180kg…  More Info

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Seville Rattan Garden Bistro Set - Snow Grey

…and a matching coffee table with a glass top. The chairs come with contrasting cream cushions that can be removed and stored easily when not in use, and available are spare cushion covers for when the originals are being cleaned. This bistro set is perfect to enjoy your…  More Info

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Garden Life Acacia Hardwood Folding Adirondack Chair

…Each piece has also been pre-treated with oil to help prolong its life. Also available to purchase is the stunning Acacia hardwood Lutyens bench and coffee table. 12-month guarantee Please note that due to the weight of this product this is a green lorry item, delivery will…  More Info

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Foxglove lanata 'Cafe Creme'

Also known as ?Woolly Foxglove?, the stunning coffee-coloured blooms of Foxglove lanata 'Cafe Creme' have a soft, fuzzy appearance. It?s easy to see how this unique variety got its name - most noteworthy is their unusual colouring - brown-hooded blooms with intricate vein markings appear…  More Info

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