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Climbing Bean 'Cobra'

An RHS AGM variety with an exceptional flavour, that will crop continuously over a long season. Climbing French Bean 'Cobra' produces heavy crops of smooth, round, stringless green pods of about 18cm (7) long. This attractive mauve flowered bean makes a delightful addition to the…  More Info

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Climbing Bean 'Cobra'

Climbing French Bean 'Cobra' produces an abundance of tasty, smooth, round pods. The stringless beans reach around 18cm (7) in length and have a sensational flavour. Awarded and RHS AGM, this variety is reliable and easy to grow, cropping over a long period. 'Cobra' is a…  More Info

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Climbing Bean 'Mamba'

…have consistently produced double the yield of Cobra, with no reduction in flavour or pod quality. Mamba?s mid-green, stringless pods are larger, more uniform and carried in clusters for easy picking. Plants are slightly less vigorous than Cobra, but this is a bonus -…  More Info

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