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Bell Cloche

…slugs, snails and other pests. It's a handy thing to have in your veg garden, or at your allotment. The cloche has an adjustable air vent to help control the temperature and humidity inside the cloche, to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants. *…  More Info

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Mini Greenhouse Cloche

…animal pests with these robust garden cloches. Easy to set up, the thick, rigid walls provide protection for seedlings and young plants, whilst the integral rainwater collection reservoirs mean that plants can also enjoy natural rainwater. Comprises 2 plastic cloches,  More Info

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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…(Chamaelobivia group) must be grown in very free draining soil. They will also appreciate protection from cold, wet, winter weather. Provide a winter cloche where possible, or plant them in containers that can be moved to a cold greenhouse or the shelter of a cold frame…  More Info

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