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Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' (Hardy)

…Stunning and vibrant pink and purple flowers develop from the red stems and are vigorous and strong climbers. With a little support these will climb arches, walls, and fences vigorously and will repeat this year after year. They are also edible, and the vibrant flowers can…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Hardy Potted Collection'

…together a choice selection of varieties to provide a hardy Fuchsia for every space in your garden; from the dwarf cultivar ?Tom Thumb? to the climbing stems of ?Lady Boothby?. These free-flowering deciduous shrubs are prized for their exotic blooms and bushy foliage. A…  More Info

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Chempak® Clematis Food

…necessary for plant growth, providing the right nutrition at the right time. Chempak® Clematis Food is the perfect fertiliser feed for all your climbing plants - excellent for clematis, honeysuckles, hanging baskets, bedding plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, dahlias,…  More Info

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