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Clematis 'Alionushka'

A Clematis integrifola hybrid, Clematis 'Alionushka' is a more unusual variety. It has non clinging stems, and will sprawl loosely amongst shrubs in borders, rather than climb up a wall. It can also be planted so it will cascade over steep banks and low walls. The flowers<…  More Info

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Clematis Duo Collection

…1.* Clematis 'Advent Bells' - Clematis ?Advent Bells? is an exciting cross between C. napaulensis x C. cirrhosa ?Freckles?. Flowers emerge in November through to January. Each nodding flower is creamy white with the inside heavily speckled…  More Info

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Clematis 'Advent Bells'

Clematis ?Advent Bells? is an exciting cross between C. napaulensis x C. cirrhosa ?Freckles?. This new hybrid combines the best features of both its parents ? an evergreen, winter flowering Clematis with superb vigour and hardiness to -10C (14F). Nodding blooms…  More Info

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Clematis napaulensis

…garden with this rare and fascinating clematis. Originating from Nepal and parts of China, this stunning climber is quite remarkable, producing new foliage in autumn when most plants are losing their leaves. Large clusters of scented, white, bell-shaped flowers with…  More Info

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Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty'

Evergreen and winter flowering; Clematis 'Winter Beauty' is a must have climber for covering sheltered walls and fences, or a cool conservatory. This stunning clematis bears waxy bell shaped, creamy-white flowers from December to February that fade to…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Mix

…for a striking spring display! Dainty Narcissus 'T'te-'-T'te', with its sunshine yellow petals, combines wonderfully with the cobalt blue, bell shaped flowers of Muscari armenicum. These two RHS AGM varieties will create a carpet of colour that will return year after…  More Info

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Clematis viticella 'Royal Velours'

The flowers of Clematis ?Royal Velours' grow so profusely that they almost smother the deep green foliage. The blooms are small and bell-shaped. They have a delightful rich, reddish-purple hue, with a lovely velvet texture. The Clematis ?Royal Velours' will give you a…  More Info

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Clematis All Season Climbing Collection

…Plant Clematis 'Winter Beauty' against a warm house wall so that you can appreciate its winter flowers from your window. Height: 4m (13'). Spread: 1.2m (4'). Pruning group: 1.* Clematis florida 'Taiga' - Fully hardy and fast growing, this vigorous, uniquely…  More Info

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Weigela Patio Trio

…perfect for smaller gardens. From late spring, the soft pink flowers complement the variegated foliage which is edged in pink and cream. 'Height and spread: 60cm (24''). * Weigela 'Mango' - Open clusters of bell shaped creamy-yellow flowers with a bold orange…  More Info

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Heuchera 'Can Can'

This compact, clump forming perennial forms a dense mound of purple-red leaves which are intricately marbled with slate-grey veins. The foliage of Heuchera 'Can Can' is deeply ruffled giving glimpses of the bright purple underside of each leaf.  More Info

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