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Chrysanthemum Bumper Collection

cut flower. Height: Up to 90cm (36). Spread: 45cm (18). Chrysanthemum bumper collection comprises:* 2 x Chrysanthemum ?Moviestar Blanchett Pink? (Hardy Patio)* 2 x Chrysanthemum ?Moviestar Blanchett Yellow? (Hardy Patio)* 2 x Chrysanthemum  More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Decorative'

…for cutting! Strong stems carry splendid blooms up to 10cm (4) across. An exuberant display of colour for late summer borders. Height: 90cm (36). Supplied as 35mm plugs.* Pack comprises: * Chrysanthemum 'Beppie Red'* Chrysanthemum 'Gompie Purple'*   More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Incurved Mixed'

…magnificent incurved petals that are perfect for long-lasting flower arrangements. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 45cm (18).Pack comprises:* Chrysanthemum 'Orange Allouise'* Chrysanthemum 'Pink Allouise'* Chrysanthemum 'White Allouise'* Chrysanthemum 'Purple…  More Info

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Shasta Daisy 'Fair Lady'

…using in both a cottage style garden or mixed border, where it will attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. It is also useful as a cut flower. The Leucanthemum is an easy plant for gardening beginners, as it is a tough hardy perennial needing little…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Double American Spray'

…Enjoy their vibrant display in beds, borders and as cut flowers indoors. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 45cm (18). Supplied as 30mm plugs.* Pack comprises:* 2 x Chrysanthemum ?Pamela? - Bronze * 2 x Chrysanthemum ?Brenda? - Pink * 2 x Chrysanthemum ?Wendy? -…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum Collection

Add instant impact to your garden with these beautiful chrysanthemums. When other plants are fading, their vibrant blooms are just beginning! These long lasting chrysanthemum flowers in red, pink, yellow and white make flamboyant displays for vases and bouquets. Supplied in 2…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum Collection

…colours of these long lasting chrysanthemum flowers make flamboyant displays for vases and bouquets. Supplied as plug plants. * Collection comprises: * Hardy Patio Improved: Orange, Snow, Yellow, Pink and Dark Pink. Height and spread: 45cm (18). * Decorative   More Info

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Crazy Chrysanthemum Mix

Magnificent blooms, up to10cm (4) across! The exuberant flowers of this wonderful mix of chrysanthemums will make a bold impact in borders in late summer. Cut their long stems for vibrant displays in vases and bouquets. Please note: the nature of this 'Lucky Dip' offer is a…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Improved Appleblossom'

An exciting variety of autumn flowering chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum 'Improved Appleblossom' is sure to delight you when other plants are passing their best when autumn approaches. The frosted white blooms with pink tones will create a giant cushion of colour up to 30cm (1ft)…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum x hortorum 'Anastasia'

Chrysanths are essential perennials for autumn colour, and Chrysanthemum x hortorum 'Anastasia' is one of the most versatile. Use this compact winter aster in borders or in large containers on the patio, combined with contrasting foliage plants such as grasses, ivies (Hedera) or…  More Info

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Shasta Daisy 'Real Neat'

…a deep golden centre that acts like a magnet to pollinating insects. You can expect masses of flowers from early summer and like all Leucanthemums it's an easy to grow perennial plant that makes a valuable addition to a cut flower, cottage or wildlife garden. Height: 40cm …  More Info

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Shasta Daisy 'Goldfinch'

…a branching, bushy form that will provide bright and zingy flowers that attract bees and butterflies from late spring onwards into summer, they make a very attractive cut flower too. Goldfinch is a hardy, undemanding perennial so will repeat the show year after year. Height…  More Info

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