Chestnut Tree

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Pachira Aquatica Tree Braided Stem 12cm Pot x 1

…aquatica is easy to grow in a warm bright position, although it prefers to be protected from strong, direct sunlight. This quick growing indoor tree makes a majestic focal point in the conservatory or a bright room at home. It also copes well under fluorescent lights, making…  More Info

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Castanea sativa 'Marradi'

Sweet Chestnut trees are magnificent specimens for very large gardens, although for smaller gardens, their size can be restricted by coppicing or growing in a Root Control Bag. They are fast-growing trees with a dense, irregular crown clothed in elongated, glossy green…  More Info

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Xanthoceras sorbifolium

…that resemble those of a Horse Chestnut except that they are held on long stiff stems. The fruit contains numerous pea-sized nuts which are said to be highly nutritious and used as an ingredient in Chinese cuisine. This is a highly unusual and special specimen tree  More Info

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