Centaurea Montana

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Wildflowers 'Woodland Shade Mix'

…to 60cm (24). Spread: 20cm (8). This mix comprises of: Achillea millefolium, Aquilegia vulgaris, Borago officinalis, Campanula Medium, Centaurea Montana, Cheiranthus maritimus, Delphinium consolida, Digitalis purpurea, Geum chiloense, Hesperis matronalis, Hypericum…  More Info

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Centaurea montana

Centaurea montana is a stunning meadow and woodland plant which has violet blue flowers in the early summer. They are borne over the grey-green leaves and show off its spidery flower heads and its eye-catching purple tones. They are perfect in sunny borders and in gravel…  More Info

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Centaurea Montana Amethyst Dream

Centaurea montana 'Amethyst Dream' is a real garden gem! The grey-green foliage forms a spreading mound, bejewelled with spidery, royal purple flowers from late spring through to midsummer. This eye-catching variety makes a fine choice for filling gaps towards the front of…  More Info

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Centaurea Montana Amethyst In Snow

Centaurea montana 'Amethyst in Snow' is the first bicolour of its species! This showy variety of Perennial Cornflower boasts mauve-purple flower heads, surrounded by a ring of dazzling white petals. The grey green foliage has a low spreading habit that forms a wide mound.…  More Info

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