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Celery 'Tango' F1 Hybrid (Self blanching)

A self-blanching celery producing beautiful, smooth apple-green stems with good flavour and texture for that all important celery crunch. Celery 'Tango' is an RHS AGM variety with good bolting resistance, and stands well during hot weather for a reliable crop. Height:…  More Info

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Celeriac 'Monarch'

…vegetable. Celeriac Monarch is an excellent, high quality variety which has very smooth, easily washable, creamy coloured roots. Easier to grow than celery and can be grated raw over salads, cut into slices and boiled, or into strips which are fried. T&M's illustration…  More Info

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Celery 'Blush' (Self blanching)

The unusual rose-tinged stems of this outstanding Celery ?Blush? not only adds a refreshing, crispy bite to your summer salads and side dishes, but they look pretty too. Plant this self-blanching variety in blocks for beautifully crunchy and flavoursome stems. Easy to grow, there?s…  More Info

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Celery Lathom Blanching Galaxy

This heavy yielding variety produces long stringless sticks of crisp, tasty celery without the need for earthing up in trenches. Celery 'Lathom Self Blanching' is reasonably free from bolting so it can be sown earlier than other varieties and is also useful for growing in…  More Info

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